January 25, 2016


Paper goods are my absolute weakness. I have a few too many notebooks, list pads, and cards. However, finding the perfect card for someone is one of those small things that just makes me feel really happy. With all the amazing print and design studios, Hallmark just doesn't cut it anymore! Some of my favorite places to shop for cards are Etsy, Paper Source, and local gift stores. I picked out a few of my favorites below, and I'll have some Galentine's Goodies on PGIP tomorrow. 


1. Big Time Love, Hammer Press $4.50
2. Bee Mine, Smock Paper $2.50
3. I Love You Hippo, Smock Paper $2.50
4. Mushy Card, RowHouse14 $5
5. Electric Love, Paper Source $6
6. Pizza Love, Sea and Lake Paper Co. $4.50
7. Stud Muffin, RowHouse14 $5
8. Kanye Love, Bird House Press $4
9. You're My Person, Paper Source $5

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