September 25, 2013



September 24, 2013


So this is Emmys post round 2, but did anyone else have serious deja vu watching last night? This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because they are not exact repeats and I think a lot of the looks are equally amazing. But let's all remember the rule: If you steal someone's look, you have to look better. Seriously.

Anywho, let's take a peek.

White satin column gowns on Anne Hathaway at the Oscars and Taylor Schilling at the 2013 Emmys. Although the necklines are different, the thin straps close in to the neck and the column shape made me do a double take.

Christina Hendricks repeating her own look at the 2012 and 2013 Emmys. Seriously, I keep seeing her on best dressed lists but all I could think was the lavender gown is the same! She did look very pretty though.

Emma Stone at the Golden Globes and Rose Byrne at the Emmys. Again, when I saw Rose Byrne I immediately thought of Emma Stone in this gown. Both of them do look incredible though, so bravo ladies.

 Sofia Vergara at the 2012 Emmys and Heidi Klum at 2013 Emmys. Body con beading? Check. High neckline/halter? Check.

Katy Perry at the MTV Europe Awards 2009 and Anna Gunn at 2013 Emmys. I just realized how long ago 2009 was. Shit I'm old. But the colors and lace and shape! 

September 23, 2013


If I could have any job in the world, it would be to style for the red carpet. There is something so romantic and beautiful and glamorous about the gowns, jewels, and beauty. But I have to say, it makes me so upset to see bad looks on the red carpet because there are so many incredible options out there. Usually I love the Emmys because it's a more relaxed glamour, but this year left a lot to be desired. There was hardly any prints at all, or details really. Solid, simple dresses seemed to be in, along with jewel tones, black and white, and A-line skirts.

Here are my picks for best dressed:


Jane Lynch 
She always looks so sleek in a suit. And she is gorg.

Robin Wright in Ralph Lauren
This reminds me of Blade Runner for some reason. It's fierce and I like it.

Vera Farmiga in Theyskens Theory
The full skirt and the belt are wonderful. The sheerness of the sleeve also gives it a lightness that I love.

Katrina Bowden in Badgely Mischka
The belt really takes this gown up like, 10 notches.

Emilia Clarke in Donna Karan Atelier
I girl crush on her so hard. She's so beautiful and the texture on the dress is amazing.

Taylor Schilling in Thakoon
It's so funny to see her wearing something other than a prison jumpsuit. The gold and white combo is so stunning on her. And probably one of my favorite beauty looks of the night.

Kerry Washington in Marchesa
She ALWAYS kills it. Always.

Claire Danes in Armani Prive
Love how delicate this dress is. I would get married in this.

Tina Fey in Narcisco Rodriguez
So happy to see her looking fantastic at the Emmys for the second year in a row. This dress fits her perfectly.

Jessica Pare in Oscar de la Renta
She is so adorable in this dress. I love how it just shows her shoes off.

Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren
I love all the cobalt on the red carpet. The silhouette of her dress is simple but beautiful.


Kaley Cuoco in Vera Wang
I am a sucker for anything dreamy and floaty, plus the dark Fall color of the gown is making me swoon.

Sarah Paulson in Carolina Herrera
Serious swoon-sesh over the sleeve length, color, and bow. Wow.

Linda Cardellini in Donna Karan
Another ridiculously gorg dress. Similar ones have been done before, but it's still working in my opinion.

September 20, 2013


I'm feeling generous this fine Friday morning, so I decided to choose TWO winners for my giveaway!


Congratulations on your new Pearls and Pastries print!

September 19, 2013


Buying a Fitbit has changed my life. Seriously. I think everyone should have some form of a fitness tracker to realize how very sedentary our lives are. 

For me, I thought I was mildly active. I walk at least a mile to and from the bus stop to get to work, and I try to work out at least a few times a week. When you first get a Fitbit, it is automatically set at a 10,000 step per day goal. I had a hard time reaching it. I realized that even though I felt like I walked pretty far to get to work, that was a result of the fact that I never had to walk anywhere before moving to San Francisco. Watching how many steps I had taken each day encouraged me to start walking the full two miles to work and back and to try and get moving after work instead of watching tv. I also love that on days that I walk a lot of steps, I don't feel the need to do heavy cardio. Plus, it tracks my net calories so I can know what a healthy amount for me to be eating is based on my activity for the day. And you will be surprised! I eat ~2400 calories on very active days. The idea is just to balance.

There are three major contenders: Fitbit Flex, Nike Fuel Band, and Jawbone UP. From my own research and for my own necessities, the Fitbit was the best fit (haha!) for me. But I suggest checking in to what each one offers to see which will work best for you. 

No matter what, the end goal is to get you moving, and hopefully lead to a happier and healthier life. Who doesn't want that?

Fitness Trackers

September 17, 2013


I absolutely adore all of the tartan plaid that is popping up for the fall. I'm sure a tartan-themed post is in my future. But since it's still summer weather in the city, I am also adoring this black and white plaid/grid print, full midi. Plus, I love full midi's paired with a croptop, I just find something about the proportions very chic. 

Crop and Midi

Crop Top, TOPSHOP $20 - Vest, Aeropostale $32 - Skirt, Dorothy Perkins $49
Necklace, Target $30 - Bag, Aldo $40 - Heels, ASOS $47

Don't forget the Pearls and Pastries giveaway ends Wednesday! Don't forget to enter!

September 16, 2013


Story time! I was wondering the aisles of Trader Joe's on an afternoon of a busy day. I was broke, in a hurry, and suddenly remembered I was out of conditioner at home. For me, this is horrid; I have very long, very thick hair so without conditioner I can't even brush it. I passed by the toilet paper and tissue section in Trader's and realized they had shampoo and conditioner. WHAT. How was I unaware? It was only $2.99 and I was in a panic, so I said Fuck It and gave it a go. And holey moley what a freaking surprise I had post-shower. My hair has not felt this soft in years. Seriously. What is this witch craft?

I now mourn how much money was wasted on trying out all kinds of conditioner, from drugstore to designer (? is that what it's called?).

Photo via Joe's Treats Tumblr

I would like to point out that I read other reviews online, because I felt like I got left out of a big secret. But a lot of reviewers on the internet are not a fan. I say just try it, because at worst you lost $3. At best, you just found an awesome conditioner at a very slim fraction of the price of other drugstore brands.

September 13, 2013


Fun Fact: My best friend was born on Friday the 13th. I love this day.

September 12, 2013


While building my library, I have never selected books based on their color scheme or cover. Obviously, cooler covers look awesome on your table, but realistically any fashion related book will have a stunning cover. I highly suggest picking based on your interests because it will give your home more personality and quirk. I, for instance, have the below Kate Spade and Alexander McQueen books, plus a book on cake pops, and a book on sloths (obvi). And guess what, everyone wants to look at my sloth book.

Here are some of my favorites: