January 31, 2013


Today, I am feeling a little spendy. This is never a good thing for my wallet, so I have to keep away from any stores. Anywho, while its pretty obvious I try and get a lot of bang for my postgrad buck when shopping, there are definitely times to shell out a little more cash then usual.

Case #1:  The Silk Boyshirt button down at Madewell. At $84.50 (although we would shell out the full $118 for this top) it's a good price for a very versatile piece. I love this top to wear out to dinner with leather leggings, tucked into a full skirt with flats and a sweater for the day time, or paired with sleek slacks and a blazer for the office. The rose print is pretty, stylish, and still professional. An A+ in our book!

Tip: when spending a little more, versatile pieces are so important. That way, you are still getting bang for your buck through something you can wear often.


Shirt, Madewell $118 Here. - Pants, Topshop $56 Here.
Shoes, French Connection $120 Here. - Clutch, Elliot Luca $98 Here.
Necklace, Hive & Honey $38 Here. - Ring, Sabine $15 Here.
Nail Polish, Skyfall by OPI $9 Here. - Lipstick, Adventurous Red by Kate Spade $24 Here.

farmers market 

Shirt, Madewell $84.50 - Sweater, Topshop $76 - Vest, UNIQLO $50
Skinny Jeans, H&M $47
Boots, Madewell $208 - Tote, JCrew $50 
Link Bracelet, River Island $13 - Beaded Bracelet, Svpply $40 - Watch, Target $15

January 30, 2013


This blog has been seriously neglected lately, and to anyone who reads, I'm sorry. But I have to say, that once you get yourself busy and things start happening, it knocks down your first domino. The domino effect is something that I feel like I have observed a lot lately in my friends lives and I was just sitting, waiting, wishing for my first domino to fall. And it finally did. After working hard in retail for a few months, I finally got a few responses to internship application. Those responses, turned into interviews, and those interviews turned into offers. So now, I can happily say that I have secured (temporary, unpaid) employment at two very incredible places. Upon reflecting, what I realized is that my first domino was my unrelenting persistence. I can assure any readers that I applied for nearly 100 jobs. Not. Even. Kidding. Anything you ever want, you have to keep plugging away. I had so many days when I felt like giving up, that I would never get hired, and that if I looked at one more job posting I would tear my eyes out. Just keep at it.

But the real key to the domino effect is finding your happiness. As the old saying goes, you can't be happy with someone else unless you are happy by yourself. And I think the same goes for everything in life. If you don't feel happy in your life, fix it now. Start working out, join an intramural team, take up a new hobby (like sewing!), start a blog! Do what you have been meaning to do forever. Start making changes yourself, and the universe will follow.

January 24, 2013


Floral & collars

I have been seeing so many sweaters over collared shirts, with a bib or statement necklace peeking out, and this is a look I absolutely love. A fun twist on the classic button down and sweater combo, it fits in any wardrobe. Best part? You probably already have the items in your closet! Tip: Sleeveless buttondowns are much more comfortable when layered under sweaters.

I recently bought the sweater above at Forever 21(not a store I usually frequent), and paired it with black skinny jeans and boots for work. I love taking florals and giving them a hard edge by pairing them with black, or masculine pieces. And I love the contrast of the geometric shapes in the clutch vs. the soft lines in the floral pattern.

Like always, top it off with a bun and bright lips!

Sweater, Forever 21 $7.99 - Skinnies, Topshop $42 - Collared Tank, Windsor $30
Booties, H&M $48 - Necklace, Forever 21 $13 - Clutch, $32 River Island
Lipstick, Tarte $26 - Nail Polish, Topshop $10

January 13, 2013


So many pretty dresses (as always) at the People's choice awards. My picks for best dressed!

Kelly Cuoco walked the red carpet in Christian Siriano.

Age appropriate and gorgeous, Chloe Moretz in Simone Rocha.

Julianne Hough looks radiant, probably my favorite look of the night, in Tony Ward Couture.

Rachel Lee Cook, I miss you. And you look fabulous in Oliver Tolentino.

 Britney Snow in Maria Lucia Hohan.

Leah Michele in Elie Saab. Cute, Cute, Cute.

Ahhh he was so wonderful in Les Mis! and his outfit is adorable.

I can't wait for the Golden Globes tomorrow!

January 9, 2013


Yahoo made a slideshow of 31 fashion moments in honor of the Duchess's 31st birthday. I have to say, I always think she looks so absolutely chic and I wish that this slideshow was 310 photos long. Another thing I found so incredible is that so many dresses she has worn immediately sell out. That is more power in the fashion industry that any other single person, I would venture to guess.

Check out the slideshow here:http://shine.yahoo.com/photos/happy-31st-birthday-kate-middleton-slideshow/-photo-2565618-210800522.html

This little number that she wore for a student fashion show went from $30 to over $100,000 after her wedding to Price William. Incredible, no?


Since my job requires me to look stylish, put together, and polished nearly everyday, on my days off I just want to sit around in my pajamas (Which is exactly what I'm doing right now...). Being casual and comfy is a must. Easiest way to dress for this kind of day? Skinny black jeans, a comfy sweater, and a scarf. Today I'm paying homage to Mr. Lagerfeld and the House of Chanel. On days off I also tend to run a lot of errands, so I like to keep an extra tote on me to carry any groceries or other purchases with me. As far as my beauty routine goes, I have fallen in love with BB creams. They fall somewhere between foundation and tinted moisturizes, and are AMAZING! Throw that on with a tinted lip balm and mascara and the result will be a fresh, easy look.

Day Off Casual
Skinny Jeans, H&M $32 - Sweater, Monki $39 - Smoking Loafer, Nine West $40
Purse, Indressme.com $43 - Earrings, Etsy $39 - Iphone Case, Etsy $29
Karl Tote, Net-a-porter.com $25 - Scarf, Forever21 $11
BB Cream, Maybelline $7 - Lip Balm, Clinique $26 - Mascara, Dior $29 - Nailpolish, Essie $8

January 2, 2013


Nordstrom is rolling out a new semi-department with new brands that I can already tell will be among my favorites! Answering the call of many postgrads, this new semi-department is going to be very stylish, and at a price point between BP and TBD. A few items are already in stores and let me say, I am completely in awe. Pretty silks, drapey tops, and chic moto jackets makes this postgrad one happy girl.

 ASTR Silk Blend Tunic Tank, $42
(I already bought this one!)

 ASTR Perforated Faux Suede Moto Jacket, $88

 Leith Chambray Mix Sleeveless Blouse, $54

LMK Bodycon Dress, $58

LMK Silk Floral Print Baseball Jacket, $78