January 30, 2013


This blog has been seriously neglected lately, and to anyone who reads, I'm sorry. But I have to say, that once you get yourself busy and things start happening, it knocks down your first domino. The domino effect is something that I feel like I have observed a lot lately in my friends lives and I was just sitting, waiting, wishing for my first domino to fall. And it finally did. After working hard in retail for a few months, I finally got a few responses to internship application. Those responses, turned into interviews, and those interviews turned into offers. So now, I can happily say that I have secured (temporary, unpaid) employment at two very incredible places. Upon reflecting, what I realized is that my first domino was my unrelenting persistence. I can assure any readers that I applied for nearly 100 jobs. Not. Even. Kidding. Anything you ever want, you have to keep plugging away. I had so many days when I felt like giving up, that I would never get hired, and that if I looked at one more job posting I would tear my eyes out. Just keep at it.

But the real key to the domino effect is finding your happiness. As the old saying goes, you can't be happy with someone else unless you are happy by yourself. And I think the same goes for everything in life. If you don't feel happy in your life, fix it now. Start working out, join an intramural team, take up a new hobby (like sewing!), start a blog! Do what you have been meaning to do forever. Start making changes yourself, and the universe will follow.

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