February 26, 2016


As I mentioned in yesterday's post, today I am off for a weekend trip to Santa Barbara. I am in need of a little R&R, so this trip couldn't have come at a better time. As I was packing, I realized that nearly everything with either neutral (duh)... or floral. Florals for spring, how groundbreaking. Plus a good dash of stripes tossed in as well. I'm just really looking forward to not having to wear sleeves.

Notable Sales:

February 25, 2016


Looking forward in 2016, it's looking like it will be the year of weekend trips. I already have two bachelorettes and two weddings lined up, plus a few trips to see my family, and hopefully a few other fun ones as well. This weekend I am headed down to Santa Barbara to have a reunion with my college girlfriends. We try to get together at least once a year, and it's always a blast. 

Santa Barbara will always be very special to me. Besides the sentimental parts, I also love the city's architecture, the restaurant, and the blend of old school and hip areas. In general, it's a very chic locale, while still maintaining a laid back and casual vibe. I am looking forward to reflecting that in my wardrobe while enjoying the sunny and 75 weather.

Dress, Asos $26
Bikini, Triangl $99
Panama Hat, Sole Society $25
Sandals, Billabong $45
Necklace, Madewell $28
Bag, Sole Society $55
Tank, Equipment $98
Weekender, Lo and Sons $120

To Note: I know I have mentioned the Lo and Sons Catalina bag multiple times on PGIP, and I still really, really love it. It's a nice sturdy cotton that can be machine washed (!!) and the bottom compartment really comes in handy for shoes or toiletries. If you are in the market for a weekend bag, I highly, highly, highly recommend this one.

February 24, 2016


How is everyone's 2016 fitness goals going? Still sticking to your New Year's Resolution? I've dialed back the intensity, but I have been very consistent with my workouts for the last two-ish months. With Spring weather already here and daylights savings around the corner, I am looking forward to getting back outside to work out. With that, I have had my eye on some new gear as well.


1. Electrolyte Tablets, NUUN $6-- Add these electrolyte loaded tablets to your water to help with dehydration. Essential if you are a long distance runner.
2. Hat, Patagonia $35 -- I just bought this hat for my boyfriend, but I am already planning on borrowing it for hikes and kayaking. The color combo is so fun.
3. Crops, Alo Yoga $36 -- My fitness closet is lacking some fun, bright colored crops so I've got my eye on this pair. I've heard great things about Alo and this pair is on fantastic sale.
4. Sports Bra, Forever 21 $15 -- I just snagged this sports bra last weekend, and so far I am really liking it. However, if you need a lot of support, this probably isn't the bra for you.
5. Yoga Towel, Good Karma Zone $13 -- I also just got a yoga towel to help with sliding during class. So far this one is working well and is very budget friendly.
6. Hair Ties, L. Erickson $12 -- My thick hair does not like to stay put while working out. After reading the reviews on these hair ties, I am going to give them a shot, although they are pricey. I am hoping that they are the answer to my hair-prayers.
7 Daypack, REI $20 - I can't wait to get out for more hikes this season. This day pack carries all the necessities and is compatible with reservoirs, so you can easily stay hydrated.

February 17, 2016



1. The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho -- I didn't get a chance to read The Alchemist last month, so it stays at the top of the list!

2. The Red Tent, Anita Diamant -- This is the pick for my book club this month. Loosely based on the biblical story of Dinah, The Red Tent explores women's lives during ancient times and the relationships between Dinah and other women in her family. This is not a book I would usually choose for myself, but I am really  looking forward to reading it because I have only heard rave reviews.

3. Men Explain Things to Me, Rebecca Solnit -- In Men Explain Things to Me is actually a book of seven essays written by Solnit. It takes a hard look into how women and men communicate, particularly with explaining  (and mansplaining). I find gender, sex, and feminism very fascinating, so I am looking forward to expanding my mind on the subject(s). Another one that has gotten rave reviews!



So, I didn't really read all that much this month. I only got to Eating Animals, but I still have The Alchemist and The Secret History of Chanel No. 5 on my list of books to read.

1. Eating Animals - This book was the pick for the book club I belong to. I wasn't thrilled to read it because I felt like I already knew about factory farming, and to be frank I just really like meat. I consider food to be a huge part of culture and experiences, so I don't like to limit myself and what I will try. But, I read the book and it really changed my views on food. I won't dive too far in to the details, but it made me feel completely uneducated on factory farming and enough so to considerably cut down on my meat consumption. I now only eat meat if I am at another person's house or if I am sharing a meal at a restaurant. I haven't purchased meat at the grocery store in a month now, and I am actually really enjoying my new pseudo vegetarianism. If you have any good veggie recipes, please send them my way!

February 12, 2016


My significant other and I have started a tradition to celebrate Valentine's Day on the 13th. We love trying new restaurants, so we really look for any excuse to do so. Valentine's is such a pain to make plans, get a reservation, and fight the other crowds, so we feel like celebrating a day is early is the best kept secret. We're trying out a new place on Saturday, and I can't wait! It's been on my must-try list for awhile.

I'll be spending actual Valentine's Day with my Galentines and celebrating a birthday, so it will be a weekend of love all around! 

Anyone else have funny traditions like ours?

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's/Galentine's and long weekend! xo

Notable Sales:

February 10, 2016




Untitled #313

Earrings, Oscar de la Renta $345
Maillot, Marysia Swim $319
Dress, Moschino $398

Earrings, Lisi Lerch $98
One Piece, Target $45
Romper, Gypsy Surf $34

It's been awhile since I have put together a Lust/Must post, but lately I've been seeing a lot of similar high and low items, so keep an eye out for more of this series! 

February 5, 2016


So an exciting thing happened or me last night... I did crow pose at yoga for the first time! For any avid yogi reading, you are probably laughing at my excitement. I've been (inconsistently) practicing yoga for quite a few years now, but I never really pushed myself in to any arm balances or difficult poses. While crow is not the hardest, it's something I always just wrote off as too difficult for me, because my arms weren't strong enough, blah blah blah. But, this time instead of skipping the pose during class, I just decided to go for it... and I did it! So yeah, not the biggest deal or most exciting accomplishment, but I am proud.

The moral of the story is: don't let self doubt dictate what you can and can't do. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Have a very happy weekend! xo

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February 4, 2016


A couple years ago, a coworker gave me the best tip ever to booking reservations at a popular restaurant. 

... Book during the Super Bowl! If you aren't a huge football fan, the Superbowl is the ideal time to get a reservation. It makes sense when you think about it! Most people are watching the game at a Super Bowl party and it's a Sunday, so it's a perfect combo that makes for a much less crowded restaurant. Just be sure to avoid anywhere with TVs, ha!

February 3, 2016


Free People is not the first store I visit these days, but I was browsing their new arrivals and feel in love with so many dresses. They have me itchy for warmer weather and bare legs! Here is just a few out options out of pages and pages of pretty.