January 31, 2014


Okay, so it may not be someplace I've never been before, but I'm on a quick weekend getaway. The itinerary? Catching up with friends, eating, and seeing my family. That's what I love about revisiting places, there is no pressure to get out and see the city.

That being said, there is nothing that makes me happier than going somewhere new. 

- Have you gone Olympics crazy yet? I have, and this olympian is my favorite.
- "'This is an Alaia!' 'An a-what-a?'" How to pronounce all the hard designer names, so you can impress Anna Wintour when you run into her at NYFW.
- A study found retail therapy is legitimately therapeutic
- These flags made from countries traditional food are awesome
- I always see crazy cool hotels all over the world, but here are 10 unique ones in the US!

January 29, 2014


image via www.gioiapizzeria.com
I love my neighborhood. It's dotted with great coffee shops, little boutiques, and fantastic restaurants. On Polk St., Gioia Pizzeria takes the whole cake (or pizza pie) of my favorite neighborhood haunt. 

Before we get to the food, let's talk about the decor. When I think about past restaurants, the decor and ambiance always plays such a big part in whether I enjoyed it and would go back. Gioia is beautifully decorated. It's got that clean, refined, slightly rustic thing going on that I love. Whoever designed the interior, please come design my house.

image via Eater

image via Eater
 I've been twice now, and each time ate something different as the menu changes seasonally. 

Burrata, Roasted Radicchio, Aged Balsamic Crostini
Roasted Carrots, Chickpeas, Meyer Lemon, Mint, and Chickpea Crips
Potatoe Prosciutto Pizza with Ricotta Cheese and Rosemary

They have a pretty extensive wine list to choose from. If you are into whites, give the Verdicchio a try.



Sweater, Monki $48 - Trouser, Dorothy Perkins $44 
Shoes, Alloy $40 - Clutch, Oliver Bonas $49
Knot Ring, Kate Spade $24 - Black Ring, BCBG $28 - Infinity Ring, BaubleBar $28
Bracelet, Nasty Gal $18 - Necklace, Forever21 $7

January 27, 2014


I love the Grammy's for the fashion. There were so many fantastic gowns -- and not to mention suits! -- on the red carpet last night, it made my heart sing. 

 Giuliana Rancic in Alex Perry

 Colbie Caillat in Ezra Santos

 Chrissy Teigen in Gucci

Katy Perry in Valentino
My favorite!

Alicia Keys in Armani Prive

Rita Ora in Lanvin

Natasha Bedingfield in Christian Siriano

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
(Best dressed men hands down)

LL Cool J with his wife and daughter
I am dying over his daughters dress and Rockstud flats. 

Emily Lazar in Céline and Alexander Birman heels

January 24, 2014


I've been dreaming of the beach all week. Somehow, the weather in SF has hit 70 degrees in January, sorry New England. I've been doing a lot of shopping for my upcoming trip, but more on that later.

Things I Found & Liked This Week

-I adored half of Valentino's couture showing, and really did not like the other half. What are your thoughts?

-This video made me giggle, but I also hope it shines a light on how ridiculous men can be at bars.

-This guy came up with a better boarding pass design. I think anyone who has travelled can agree boarding passes are messy and confusing when you need information quickly.

-To continue my spring roll obsession, I can't wait to try this recipe. I love this blog too, she weaves personal stories in with her photos and waits to discuss the food til the end. 

-I always moisturize with lotion after I shower. Apparently I've been doing it wrong.

January 22, 2014


I think Laguna Beach forever immortalized the "cute but cas" phrase. But truly, that describes how I would like to dress 99% off the time. I'm still feeling inclined toward neutrals and the weather in San Francisco has been finicky.


Shirt, J. Crew $45 - Jeans, Hollister $30
Necklace, Topshop $25 - Bangle, Nasty Gal $15
Bag, Forever 21 $25 - Flats, Modcloth $30

January 16, 2014


Lately, it seems that everywhere I turn, everyone has on Nike sneakers. It drives me crazy when people choose their fitness shoes solely on how cute and trendy they are. Coming from someone who has been a serious athlete for the majority of her life, I know how extremely important the correct shoe for your foot is. I don't have anything against Nike's, I too think they are really cute and I think they are great for everyday wear.

Let's talk about pronating. Pronating is when you roll your foot inward onto your arches during your stride. I pronate heavily on my right, and very slightly on my left. I personally need a sturdy, supportive shoe that corrects my pronation. I could never run in Vibram's or Free's. If you don't get the proper footwear, you can seriously damage your knees, and trust me, you need those suckers when you get old! Having the proper shoe is SO important for your body and joints, so head to a specialty running store to get help selecting the right pair.

So here is what you should do:

1. Get Online and Research - Read about different types of running shoes, because there are a lot! Some for trail running, some for walking, some for marathons, or just a training shoe. Read about running stride as well. Educate yourself so that when you go shopping, you know what information to tell the sales person and you can understand what they are telling you.

2. Go to a Specialty Running Store - I cannot emphasize this enough. Employees at specialty running stores are running experts and have a lot of job training to help you find the right shoe. Expect to spend 30 - 60 minutes for an evaluation and testing out different pairs. Shoes here are more costly, but I think it is justified because you are paying extra for the service as well. I always go to A Snail's Pace in Orange County and every time the sales people have been knowledgeable and friendly. If you are in the area I highly recommend them!

3. Choose by Feeling, Not Style - I felt like Goldilocks, every pair I put on felt a little bit off, and then finally when I put on the right ones, I was overjoyed. I really wanted a cute pair of Nike's, but I chose a pair of lightweight Adidas. The Nike's were not the shoe for me, and I'm happy to say the pair I got are still really cute! The color was not my first choice, but now I have an excuse to buy matching gear!  

My Goodies, I snagged a matching halfzip too!

What should you expect for the evaluation? First, wear some comfortable running clothes and bring your old shoes with you. The sales person will have you try on a "neutral shoe" and watch you run to check for any pronation or other issues that can be corrected by shoe. The sales person will then bring a few pairs they recommend and watch you run around in them until you find the right fit. Again, I cannot emphasize how important a good pair of shoes are for your feet (and knees, and hips!). 

If you are in the Bay Area, check out Fleet Feet. If you are in Orange County, head on over to A Snail's Pace!

January 13, 2014

January 3, 2014


So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my "mystery box" from Ikea. I decided on buying this little bar cart after seeing some great blog posts on how to transform it from industrial to chic. I actually love how tall and narrow it is because my apartment only allows for a cart this size. A few coats of gold paint and I was happy.

Untitled #180

Unfortunately I never got a great pic of my cart, but here is a photo from the blog Blush and Jelly that inspired me to repaint the cart.

I am so excited to finally have one and to stock it up! Obviously it needs some cute glassware and we already have the champagne glasses sitting pretty. Here is the rest of what is on my bar cart wish list.


Dial-a-Drink Shaker, Oggi $22 - Gold Dots Shaker, Target $15
Quatrefoil Shaker, Z Gallerie $25 - Black and Gold Shaker, Target $12
Color Shaker, Alexander and Pearl $41 - "Toasts" Shaker, Izola $36
Mother of Pearl Shaker, Pier 1 $13 - Bulldog Shaker, Pottery Barn $40
(I'm dying over the bulldog shaker, it is so silly but I love bulldogs so much!)



Fun Straws, World Market $10 - Key Bottle Opener, World Market $8 -Skull Bottle Stops, Z Gallerie $5
Time to Drink Champagne Print, luluSimon Studio $15 - Playing Cards, Target $3
Cheers Coasters, Flair Designery $30 - Mason Jar Shot Glasses, Think Geek $8
Straw Glasses, Amazon $5 - Flask, Izola $30 - Happy Coasters, TwoRubiesShop $5
Pink Flamingo Stirrers, Keg Works $72 (set of 1000) - Pom Pom Toothpicks, DIY

January 1, 2014


Happy New Year Everybody!

I am not one to make resolutions. I believe that if you want to improve yourself, then you should start today. Well, today is the first so that's just coincidence, but if you decide to make a life change in July, go for it then! Instead I like to set goals and accomplishments for my upcoming year. Too often resolutions are so vague like "lose weight", "smoke less", etc. Set a hard goal instead. You want to work out and lose weight in the upcoming year? Set a goal to lose x amount of pounds by x date. See? Much better than vague resolutions.

1. Get a permanent job - My current job is a contract position, so the goal is to secure a long term, permanent job once my contract expires.

2. Travel Twice - I already have a trip planned to Hawaii in March (!!!!) and I want to get one more trip in by the end of 2014. My heart and soul ache for me to get out and see the world, and hopefully I will have the dolla dolla bills to do more of it. Traveling is what makes me most happy in life. 

3. Build My Savings Account to (x) Amount of Dollars by September - The specific amount is my business :) but I am going to start putting money away where I can't touch it instead of buying shoes. sigh. It's time for me to transition into adulthood and be responsible. Or at least try! 

4. Take a Sewing Class in February - Something that I have always wanted to learn and I am determined to make it happen!

That's it for now!