January 24, 2014


I've been dreaming of the beach all week. Somehow, the weather in SF has hit 70 degrees in January, sorry New England. I've been doing a lot of shopping for my upcoming trip, but more on that later.

Things I Found & Liked This Week

-I adored half of Valentino's couture showing, and really did not like the other half. What are your thoughts?

-This video made me giggle, but I also hope it shines a light on how ridiculous men can be at bars.

-This guy came up with a better boarding pass design. I think anyone who has travelled can agree boarding passes are messy and confusing when you need information quickly.

-To continue my spring roll obsession, I can't wait to try this recipe. I love this blog too, she weaves personal stories in with her photos and waits to discuss the food til the end. 

-I always moisturize with lotion after I shower. Apparently I've been doing it wrong.

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