January 16, 2014


Lately, it seems that everywhere I turn, everyone has on Nike sneakers. It drives me crazy when people choose their fitness shoes solely on how cute and trendy they are. Coming from someone who has been a serious athlete for the majority of her life, I know how extremely important the correct shoe for your foot is. I don't have anything against Nike's, I too think they are really cute and I think they are great for everyday wear.

Let's talk about pronating. Pronating is when you roll your foot inward onto your arches during your stride. I pronate heavily on my right, and very slightly on my left. I personally need a sturdy, supportive shoe that corrects my pronation. I could never run in Vibram's or Free's. If you don't get the proper footwear, you can seriously damage your knees, and trust me, you need those suckers when you get old! Having the proper shoe is SO important for your body and joints, so head to a specialty running store to get help selecting the right pair.

So here is what you should do:

1. Get Online and Research - Read about different types of running shoes, because there are a lot! Some for trail running, some for walking, some for marathons, or just a training shoe. Read about running stride as well. Educate yourself so that when you go shopping, you know what information to tell the sales person and you can understand what they are telling you.

2. Go to a Specialty Running Store - I cannot emphasize this enough. Employees at specialty running stores are running experts and have a lot of job training to help you find the right shoe. Expect to spend 30 - 60 minutes for an evaluation and testing out different pairs. Shoes here are more costly, but I think it is justified because you are paying extra for the service as well. I always go to A Snail's Pace in Orange County and every time the sales people have been knowledgeable and friendly. If you are in the area I highly recommend them!

3. Choose by Feeling, Not Style - I felt like Goldilocks, every pair I put on felt a little bit off, and then finally when I put on the right ones, I was overjoyed. I really wanted a cute pair of Nike's, but I chose a pair of lightweight Adidas. The Nike's were not the shoe for me, and I'm happy to say the pair I got are still really cute! The color was not my first choice, but now I have an excuse to buy matching gear!  

My Goodies, I snagged a matching halfzip too!

What should you expect for the evaluation? First, wear some comfortable running clothes and bring your old shoes with you. The sales person will have you try on a "neutral shoe" and watch you run to check for any pronation or other issues that can be corrected by shoe. The sales person will then bring a few pairs they recommend and watch you run around in them until you find the right fit. Again, I cannot emphasize how important a good pair of shoes are for your feet (and knees, and hips!). 

If you are in the Bay Area, check out Fleet Feet. If you are in Orange County, head on over to A Snail's Pace!

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