February 21, 2013


Big things are happening for this postgrad, all at once I got an offer, then another, then moved to San Francisco the next week, stayed there 5 days, went to Nashville for the weekend, and came back to the bay. Needless to say it has been a whirlwind. So many postgrads are thrust into the same situation, and yes it is scary. Oh so very scary. Not knowing where you will live, or where anything is in a new city is intimidating. But close your eyes, take a deep breath, and jump. Because what is waiting for you is wonderful.

February 11, 2013


I always love the Grammy's fashion. It pushes the envelope, and continues to be fun and sexy year after year. Even with the dress code this year, a lot of celebrities we're still showing some serious skin. 

My jaw dropped when I saw this. Incredible Kelly Rowland.

 Kelly Cuoco looks great, yet again. Perfect understated outfit for a non-musical guest

 Suit and (bow)tie. Those Shoes! You go, JT.

 Katy Perry, one of my idols. She looked so amazing. That body! The hair! That Dress!
 This has been put on a lot of worst dressed lists, but for Florence Welch I love it. Reptar-Chic.

Adele looks fucking adorable. I love her.

 This gown is so beautiful, I think Taylor Swift is perfectly transitioning her style to be more mature and sexy.

This is some serious couple swag.

February 7, 2013


I hope that everyone has been keeping up with their New Year's resolutions! and if yours was to get in shape, this post is for you. I've kicked my fitness routine up quite a few notches recently, so I have even more tips to share.

1. Get Off The Elliptical - My brother told me if I want to lose weight, I need to get off the elliptical and on to the treadmill. But they are better for your joints I said, I have bad knees I said. True, I have struggled with minor knee injuries here and there, but in reality, I was terrified of the treadmill. The first time on was miserable, I had to walk every 10 minutes and barely went faster than a jog when I wasn't walking. But it got easier, and low and behold, I have lost 7 pounds this month from switching from the elliptical to the treadmill. So get on it, you will feel so accomplished after.

2. Keep Buying Cute Workout Gear! - Every time I get new gym clothes, I feel like I have to work out immediately. I just got really cute pants from Victorias Secret VSX line, and I was very surprised at how quickly they became my favorites for the gym. 

 Zella 'Sophia' Space Dye Jacket, $65.66

VSX Knockout Crop, $59.50

3. Don't Use 'Sore' As An Excuse - Sore muscles comes from a build up of lactic acid. How do you get rid of lactic acid? Exercise. If you are sore from the day before, Good Job! You're doing it right, but don't use that as an excuse not to work out.
Note: It is very important to know the difference between being sore and hurting yourself. If your pain goes beyond normal muscle soreness, or is in a joint like your knee, make sure you take some time off and get it checked out.

4. Measure in Non Scale Victories - Yes we can all agree that it feels really damn good to see the number on the scale drop, but there are other ways to measure your success to. Today I wore jeans that we're always uncomfortably tight on me, and they were loose. As I said before, I could barely run on the treadmill before, now I can go 30 minutes no break. I CAN SIDE PLANK! something I never thought I could do. It feels amazing to notice my body getting stronger.

5. You Already Have Your Dream Body -  You just need to shape it. Here are the facts, I will never have the same body as Heidi Klum, and that is okay with me. I won't ever have a thigh gap, and that is okay with me. I will never have a cute, tiny butt, and that is okay with me. My dream body is the best version of the body that I have. That means I will be long, lean, and strong. That does not mean I will try to attain something I was not built for. Accept your body and love what it gives you every day. If you can't be happy in your own skin, it won't matter how much weight you ever lose, because that won't make you happy.

February 6, 2013


Welp, wrote a Kate Spade post, found out Kate Spade surprise sale is going on.

Our picks? 

Gold Coast Medium Serena $169

Cobble Hill Stacey $59

Kate Spade Cluster Studs $29

Beaumont Bridge Elena $189

Wellesley Rachelle $179

Grove Court Blaine $199

Who am I kidding?


I struggle with whether I love these Kate Spade bags or hate them. I think hashtags are so beyond dumb, especially when people use them on social media that doesn't have any reason for hashtags. coughcoughfacebookcoughcough. Or people who post a photo and add way too many hashtags, for example:

"Great Beach Day! #beach #sand #sea #ocean #friends #beachday #amazing #love #palmtrees #seagulls #tan #sun #tanninginthesun #rocks #plants #reflection #water #ohmygodilovethebeach #California #Westcoastbestcoast #lucky #Laguna #TheRealOC #lol #hashtag"


However, I do like a funny use of a hashtags.


Anywho, back to Kate Spade. I think these bags are funny, but only if you carry it in an ironic way and don't take yourself seriously. This particular one I would love to take out to brunch with me. I also enjoy it because my McDonalds breakfast order is the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. But I also struggle with the fact that it's a very expensive joke. They are on sale though...

Tote $173
Pouch $54

Long wishlist of Kate Spade coming up soon...

February 5, 2013


If you are lucky in love, give your man a little pampering this Valentine's Day. Yeah, okay it is a Hallmark holiday for girls, but I look at it as another day to show my wonderful boyfriend how incredible he is. If like you are on a tight budget (like me!), do something thoughtful like packing a picnic and going on a hike, a DIY project, or try out some personalized and affordable gifts from websites like Etsy. Usually girls get treated the other 364 days a year, so return the favor! If you do have some cash to spare, a gift that he will really enjoy is a great option. He loves sports? Get him a jersey and tickets. Manly Man? Classic shave kit. Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!


This Guy Loves Bacon Sweatshirt, Etsy $28
Sunglasses, Persol $360
Grey Sweatshirt, Patagonia $99
Shaving Kit, Art of Shaving $60
Bow Tie, JCrew $55
Iphone Case, Vans $20
Scarf, Seth Roberts $18
Beanie, River Island $13
Cologne, Hermes $107
Pint Glasses, Etsy $35
Nike Fuel Band, Nike $149
NFL Jersey, NFL Shop $100


Valentine's Day is just around the corner! No need for significant others to celebrate. Buy your best friends or yourself something pretty. It's just a good excuse to celebrate any kind of love in your life. Appreciate everyone who cares about you, and make sure the people you care about know.

For Her

Heart Sweater, JCrew Factory $98
Lingerie Set, Hanky Panky $60
Red Wallet, Tory Burch $225
Black Heart Cosmetics Bag, American Apparel $28
Black Spike Heart Bag, Forever21 $28
Watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs $200
Infinity Necklace, Dogeared $60
Heart Earrings, Etsy $16
Perfume, Oh Lola! Marc by Marc Jacobs $88
Love you x forever Pillow, Inside Avenue $175
Black Heart Bowl, Jayson Home $18
Love You More Pillow, Paper Source $17
Good Morning Mugs, Etsy $32
Celeste and Jesse Forever DVD, Amazon $16
NYC Poster, Ork Posters (Other Cities Available!) $27