February 11, 2013


I always love the Grammy's fashion. It pushes the envelope, and continues to be fun and sexy year after year. Even with the dress code this year, a lot of celebrities we're still showing some serious skin. 

My jaw dropped when I saw this. Incredible Kelly Rowland.

 Kelly Cuoco looks great, yet again. Perfect understated outfit for a non-musical guest

 Suit and (bow)tie. Those Shoes! You go, JT.

 Katy Perry, one of my idols. She looked so amazing. That body! The hair! That Dress!
 This has been put on a lot of worst dressed lists, but for Florence Welch I love it. Reptar-Chic.

Adele looks fucking adorable. I love her.

 This gown is so beautiful, I think Taylor Swift is perfectly transitioning her style to be more mature and sexy.

This is some serious couple swag.

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