July 28, 2012


Channeling my inner badass.
Spikes, Studs, and Skulls

1. Sneakers, Asos,com $348 2. Studded Heels, Giuseppe Zanotti $2,950 3. Ring, Charmandchain.com $558
4. Studded Chain Bag, Christian Louboutin $1.295 5. Leather Jacket, Burberry Prorsum $5,000
6. T-Shirt, Markus Lupfer $125 7. Necklace, Alexander McQueen $291 8. Clutch, Alexander McQueen $7,315
9. Scarf, Alexander McQueen $295 10. Shorts, Farfetch.com $310

July 26, 2012


I love menswear, and I have been DYING for these Current/Elliot jeans. To keep from looking too androgynous, pair menswear (like boyfriend jeans and oxfords) with more feminine pieces, think statement necklaces, pretty bags, and bright lipsticks.

Jeans, Current/Elliot $335 - Top, Madewell $40

Oxfords, Ollio $18 - Watch, La Mer $82 - Bag, Rebecca Minkoff, $330
Earrings, Nordstroms $12 - Sunglasses, Oliver Peoples $270 - Iphone Case, Kate Spade $35

Lipstick, Dolce and Gabanna $32 - Nail Polish, butter LONDON $14

July 25, 2012


Obsession with Harry Potter is by far the most socially acceptable, even chic, form of nerdyness. Since I first got Chamber of Secrets (yeah my grandparents heard these were the new cool books and bought me the second one instead of the first... still love 'em.) I have been waiting for my owl with my Hogwarts acceptance letter. Unfortunately, it is now 10 years too late. I have found other ways to show my love. Thank you, Etsy.

This phrase definitely became the motto of any trouble making kid
Wrap Bracelet, $19

 Feeling Mischievious?
Shirt, $15

I like all the plays on this shirt theme. Especially when it's Harry Potter related.
Sweatshirt, $39

 This just makes me giggle.
Decal, $14.99

 I would love this symbol even if it wasn't Harry Potter related.
Bracelet, $4.80

I can only imagine how delicious Butterbeer must be.
To see a tutorial on how to make your own mug, click here


July 24, 2012


LOLing already at the title, and as a huge fan of the office, I was beyond excited to read Mindy Kaling's (writer, producer, and Kelly Kapoor) book. It took me awhile to get around to it since I didn't have much time for leisurely reading in school, but I am so glad I did.  Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) is the funniest book I have read in a long time. I looked like a mad woman laughing my ass off on the bike at the gym, and couldn't care less if I spooked all the OC moms working out around me.
Although you wouldn't be able to tell anyways since they all just got botoxed. 
They just look surprised all the time.

Mindy is a Badass Bitch, my favorite kind of woman.

 Mindy's satirical, comedic writing focuses on topics most postgrads can relate to: diets, boys, jobs, shopping addictions. But between all the jokes and seemingly surface level topics, I found so much inspiration and important lessons every girl should know. 

Body image is touched on quite a few times in the book. From Mindy being called a whale in her school days, to crazy diets, to a stylist only bringing size 0 dresses to a shoot. Mindy is obviously not only a beautiful woman, but is rocking a great curvy body as well. And as much as this subject is repeated over and over, the media really does provide women with a ridiculous idea of how our bodies are supposed to look. In the book, Mindy acknowledges that everyone feels bad about themselves at one point, but she loves her body and is proud of it. Which is something every woman should feel. 


Mindy never apologizes for being herself. She's quirky, funny, and has a shopping addiction (we're kindred spirits), and she owns up to all of it and doesn't compromise for other people. In our postgrad years, its so easy to conform to a job, a significant other, a new group of friends without even doing so knowingly. But as cliche as it is, be true to who you are. Being the best version of your self is the best way to be happy. Which will lead to a whole lot of other good stuff.

Kapoor 2012

Reading through Mindy's career path, which really started when she was in high school, also left me ridiculously inspired. Looking at apartment prices, car payments, and all those other adult bills really puts on the pressure to make a lot of money, and make it fast. But, Mindy's success came because she did what she loved. Even if it involved being a nanny and living in tiny apartments in shady parts of NYC.

I could yammer on and on about how much I loved this book. I literally didn't stop laughing and read it in two days because I couldn't put it down. But, I will let you just read it for yourself. 

Welcome Mindy, to my list of Badass Bitch role models.

July 17, 2012


Dressing for your first interview can be a scary task. After living on the beach in college, I was used to slumming in my cut off shorts and crop tops. Obvi not suitable for the professional world. Too many times have a seen my friends leaving for interviews wearing black skinny jeans, or a top that is too revealing for the professional world. So, here are my tips on how to dress the part to get the part.

1. Buy a Suit - I personally am not a fan of pants suits, so I scoped out Banana Republic and got nice skirt suit on sale. I have worn it to every interview and conference I have been to since. And so have my friends. It's like sisterhood of the traveling suit. And none of this short or 3/4 sleeve blazer nonsense. The boyfriend blazer you wear out is not appropriate in a professional setting.

2 Nothing too tight, too revealing, too see through - This is a mistake I often see in my friends. While to our standards your skirt might be verging on loose, remember that if you are going on an interview you don't want to be wearing anything that requires Hanky Pankys. Same goes for sheer shirts. Even though sheer is in for street wear, if it is at all sheer for your professional wardrobe, put a cami on under it. Lastly, do not wear anything that shows off too much chest area, another mistake I see a lot of my friends make. The neckline should be VERY MODEST. If you are unsure about a top, put it on and bend over in the mirror, any bra? Don't wear it.

3. Shoes - Low to mid heels or flats in neutral colors. Avoid wedges or anything too trendy. Banana Republic and J Crew are excellent places to find appropriate shoes. Don't rock the platform pumps that you wore clubbing last weekend. Also important, make sure they are clean and not scuffed up.

4. Bags - A briefcase is obviously the best option, but not many postgrads own one. Instead, use a bag that has a shape similar to a briefcase that you can easily put paper or a folder in. Again, neutral colors and nothing too trendy. 

5. Accessories - In the accessories, make sure they are classic and understated. Smaller pieces are generally more appropriate, but bigger accessories, such as the necklace pictured, are appropriate as long as they are not too distracting.  Tip: If you wear a watch, make sure you don't glance down at it during the interview, it will make you seem uninterested.

Finally, bring your resume! hopefully you know this already, but if you don't, MAKE SURE YOU BRING ONE. A leather portfolio with a notepad is also a good thing to bring as well. Good luck on those interviews! 

Jersey Blazer, Mango $70 - Lace Stripe Shell, JCrew $35 - Pencil Skirt, JCrew $70
Shoes, Banana Republic, $128 - Briefcase, Dooney & Bourke $525
Necklace, Banana Republic $45 - Earrings, Zales $109 - Watch, Kate Spade $225

July 16, 2012


Very last minute today I found out I was going to Israel in a few weeks!

carry on

Chambray Shirt, Madewell $68 - LA T-shirt, Brandy Melville $43 - Leggings, Victorias Secret $18
Shoes, Tom's $62 - Backpack, Fred Flare $40 
Carry On Items:
1. Kindle Fire, Amazon.com $199 2. Hand Lotion, Clinique $14 3. Passport Cover, Aspinal of London $35
4. Scarf, Spottedmoth.com $6.99 5. Socks, Topshop $18 6. Plenty of Candy :)

dead sea 
Top, Old Navy $9.97 - Shorts, JCrew $45 - Bikini, Calypso St. Barth $85
Sandals, Gap $40 - Backpack, Quicksilver $60 - Sunglasses, Karen Walker $250
Dive In Towel, Kate Spade $78 - Ultra Sheer Sunblock, Neutrogena $10
 Tel Aviv 
Top, Joie $109 - Shorts, Farfetch.com $56
Sandals, Steve Madden $60 - Bag, Debenhams.com $130 - Folding Wayfarers, Ray-ban $155
Ring, Pamela Love $195 - Compass Necklace, Fred Flare $24 - Arrow Necklace, Stella McCartney $323
Lip Balm, EOS $3.49 - Flipcam 

July 15, 2012


My love affair with Zara began once upon a time when I was strolling down Via Del Corso in Rome while I was studying abroad. It was towering. Five stories. Filled with silk and jewel tones galore. Not only that, there were two more locations on the same street. I was even more delighted to find that a location found a home at my local mall. Although it isn't five stories, it still kicks some serious booty. To say I love Zara would be an understatement. Their clothes are stylish, refined, affordable, and good quality. You don't find all four of those qualities in many other stores or lines. AND IT'S SALE TIME! The stores are packed with much more but here are a few peeks at the goodies online.
 These pumps would be most excellent with an LBD for a chic wedding.
Lace Slingbacks, $29.99 (!!!!!!)

 Somehow neutral and colored at the same time... magnifique.
Colored Chinos, $29.99

  Accessories are unnecessary. Great for day and night.
Blouse with Stones Collar, $49.99

Leather Jacket $129.99 (down from $249!)
 This is fun, very very fun.
Clutch with Graduated (like me!) Color, $39.99

 One part lady, one part badass. Yes those are spikes at the collar.
Top with Studded Collar and Frill, $39.99

IT'S A SKORT. a skort. And a chic skort at that.
Printed Split Skirt, $25.99

July 13, 2012


In Balenciaga's Spring collection, collar tips made their first appearance outside the line dancing world. Coming out party with Balenciaga? Where can I sign up! Since then, I have been combing my usual haunts when I shop to find any shirts with collar tips. Can't afford Balenciaga like this Postgrad? Here are some budget friendly options for any fashionista.

 Forever 21 always pulls through with crazy cheap version of trends.
Textured Trimmed Collared Shirt, Forever 21 $17.80

 A little bit different take on the collar tips + I love this print.
Printed Shirt with Studded Collar, Zara $49.99

These collar tips are a little less western and a little more feminine with the beautiful filagree. 
Nude Pink Chiffon Metal Collar Tip Shirt, Etsy $65.00

Wear this one open over a tank or with colored denim
Moto Collar Tip Denim Shirt, Topshop $76.00

This collar tips by Asos come solo so you can attach them to any shirt you already have! Perfect.
Pair of Angular Collar Tips, Asos $16.57

If you are feeling really crafty, check out this awesome collar tip DIY on HonestlyWTF here:

July 12, 2012


Like many other postgrads, myself and my friends enjoy lazing by the pool, pretending like we are not unemployed and living at our parents house. While this vision usually involves cute cocktails with mini umbrellas, the calorie and sugar content doesn't really mesh with our fitness plans. Instead, we have been making these fruit and yogurt (low-cal!!) smoothies as our breakfast (or technically lunch I guess since we don't wake up until noon...) to accompany us by the pool.

1 Vanilla Yogurt (Trader Joe's or Activia work best)
1 Banana
1 Hand full Raspberries
1 Hand full Blueberries
1 Hand full Strawberries
1 Glass of Ice (Same size glass as your smoothie will be in)
Optional: Protein Powder (A good idea if you are doing any weight training!)

Calories: About 300 (180 with no banana)

 We ran out of bananas this morning, so I omitted it from my smoothie. Still tasted just as good!

Step 1: Combine all the ingredients in a blender

Step 2: Select the Liquify or Puree setting

Voila! delicious, filling, and low cal!

July 11, 2012


I can't get enough of all the printed and colored denim going on right now, but living on allowance from my parents isn't exactly enough to splurge on anything from Paige or J Brand. Instead, I have been on the hunt for colored and printed shorts that fit my Top Ramen budget a little better. Here are five finds under $50 to keep you stylin' all summer long.

 Flat Front Shorts, Gap $39.95

 Floral Denim Shorts, American Eagle $34.99

 San Jacinto Embroadered Shorts, Free People $49.95

Colored Denim Dolphin Shorts, Forever 21 $17.80

Printed Short, Old Navy $19.50

July 10, 2012


In need of a little fitspiration today? This should do the trick

July 9, 2012


This heat wave is killing me. All I want is to be bumming around the beach.


Bikini Top, Hurley $47 - Bikini Bottoms, Hurley $20 - Rashguard, Billabong $34
Sandals, J Crew $50 - Backpack, Asos $33 - Sunglasses, Ray-Ban $150
Beach Mat, Madur $54 - Water Bottle, Bobble $11 - Surfboard, price upon request
Hair Mask, Bumble and Bumble $27 - Sunscreen, Neutrogena $9,92
Poster, Etsy $11

July 6, 2012


 I've been digging on this galaxy print business that has been popping up all over etsy. If you aren't bold enough to go full out with the print, try some alien-esque eye shadows, or milky way inspired jewelry.
Dress, AX Paris $47 - Tank, Etsy $25 
Skirt, Etsy $120 - Shorts, Etsy $60 - Leggings, Sheinside.com $46
Shoes, Jeffery Campbell $160 - Scarf, Etsy $65
Eyeshadow, Urban Decay $20 - Eyelashes, Urban Decay $18
Cuff, Melinda Maria $156 - Earrings, House of Harlow $49 - Linked Rings, Topshop $28

July 5, 2012


Now that we tackled fitness tips, it's time to work on the diet. This is always the hardest part for me because I'm a huge foodie and love trying out new restaurants. Plus, I can't keep my hands off bacon (or diet coke. or candy. or In-n-Out.). But, to sustain long term weight loss, the best diet is sticking to lean meats, veggies, and whole grains.

1. Ditch the diet- Soda that is. Even though it has 0 Calories, diet soda hinders your weight loss. So kick the diet soda can, and switch up to water. If your really stuck on soda, try out Hansen's all natural sodas instead, my fave is cherry vanilla.

2. Drink more water- A lot of people confuse thirst with hunger. Drink more water throughout the day to curb your thirst to avoid the mix up. Tip: buy a reusable water bottle and carry it with you EVERYWHERE. You'll be amazed at how much more water you drink when you have it readily available. 
Eco chic hydration
1.Vapur $9.99 - 2. Lululemon $28 - 3. KOR $34.95
4. Nalgene, $11 - 5. BobbleBottle $11 - 6. Sigg, $25
7. Nau $38 - 8. Camelback $14

3. Download a calorie counting app- Calorie counting apps calculate what your daily calorie intake should be to lose weight according to your current height and weight. Plugging every food you eat into the app really makes you realized how easy it is to over eat, especially when snacking. My personal favorite is the LiveStrong app (and you can link it to your livestrong.com profile!) because it tracks calories, how much water you drank, and your exercise for the day. Using this app has really helped me stop making exceptions to eat froyo every night, and I love me some froyo.

A peek at the LiveStrong app

4. Try out new recipes!- Healthy eating doesn't equal boring and bland. There are tons of blogs out there that have healthy tasty recipes. Grab some recipes you want to try, and make them with a friend or a date! Some of my favorite blogs:

5. Treat yourself!- If you go cold turkey, headfirst into dieting your going to crash and most likely end up surrounded by burritos, ice cream, and mac and cheese. Like with exercising, set small goals each day for your diet and once a week indulge in a food you really love. This will help keep you on track with your diet, and give you incentives to be good the rest of the week.