May 23, 2017


I've had my eye on the Rebecca de Ravenel Les Bon Bon earrings for awhile, buuuuut the price is just mind boggling. Luckily, I have found several options that are much easier on the wallet.


SPLURGE: Rebecca De Ravenel $295
SPEND: Baublebar $48
SAVE: Etsy $18

More favorites below! 

April 14, 2017


March 6, 2017


I recently came across Khalid on Spotify, and I was absolutely blown away. Think of a soulful, R&B, rapping Chet Faker, and you have Khalid. I was immediately nodding my head along with "8TEEN", and soon after I was playing his entire album on repeat.

He's only 19 and "American Teen" is his debut album. I really can't comprehend the level of talent that he possesses, and I have been sharing his music with everyone I talk to. I love the playful references to social media and how he really encapsulates what it feels like to be, well, an American Teen. Take a listen below, you will love it.

If you are in SF, he is doing an album signing at Amoeba on Tuesday, March 7. 6pm! 

January 20, 2017


In honor of all the marches this weekend, we have a very feminine themed Friday links ahead. Have a very happy and safe weekend xx. 

January 9, 2017


  • Listening to the La La Land soundtrack and Khalid "American Teen", on repeat. 
  • Wearing Girlfriend Collective leggings. This company decided to forgo traditional marketing and give out leggings for the cost of shipping ($20) and rely on word of mouth and social media. To be honest, I thought this was a scam or the leggings would be bad quality, but I gave it a shot and figured it was just $20. But my expectations were beyond succeeded. The leggings are SO comfortable, really flattering, and excellent quality. I have been recommending them left and right, and everyone who also purchased them agrees. Best purchase of 2016! 
  • Doing  long runs. I hadn't been running as often since it has been getting dark earlier, but I'm trying to get back into running and I just hit the threshold of it being enjoyable again. I ran 8 miles this week, which has been my longest in awhile! ^^ photo above from my run.  
  • Watching This Is Us. I binged through it over Christmas and can't wait for the new season to start. It's such a beautiful show, but I ugly cry every single episode. 
  • Reading Persepolis and When Breath Becomes Air. Longer post to come, but they are both important and beautiful reads. 
  • Eating Imperfect Produce! It is a produce delivery company that sells "ugly" fruits and vegetables that don't get sold in grocery stores, simply because the appearance. Buying the uglies cuts down on food waste and helps support local farmers. It's an awesome service and available in San Francisco and soon LA. 
  • Applying Glossier Boy Brow. Oh my god. I was nervous to try any of their products since I couldn't see them in person or test them. But Boy Brow really lives up to the hype, I am obsessed. The Concealer and Generation G are also fantastic, and affordable.
  • Resolving to travel more, save more money, floss more, and support my friends in their passion projects.
  • Going to a few places! 2017 seems to be my year of travel, with quite a few trips already lined up. Sonoma, Santa Barbara, Austin, Mexico and LA are already on the calendar. Send me recommendations! 

August 15, 2016


This month, POPSUGAR sent me a Must Have Box to try out some new products. I love getting the Must Have Box, it's always full of awesome product that is useful and fun. Here are my favorites for July.


1.  Pintrill, Pineapple Pin $12 -- Pins have really  been making a comeback and I'm so happy about it. I loved this little pineapple pin to add to my denim jacket for a fun touch. 
2. Sunny Life, Swan Drink Floatie $18 -- I loved this floating swan drink holder, can't wait to bring it on a bachelorette party next month!
3. Michael Stars, Porcelain Skinny Scarf $30 -- This skinny scarf from Michael Stars is perfect to tie on a bag or bandana-style around my neck. The black and white print is perfectly neutral. 
4. European Wax Center, Brow Highlighter $18 -- I had never tried any European Wax Center products until this arrived in my box, and it's amazing! It's a nice champagne color, so it is not too white, and blends really nicely. I also use it in the inner corners of my eyes and on my cheek bones. A+.
5. House of Pom, Emojii Cocktail Napkins $25 -- These napkins just make me happy. They are featured front and center on my bar cart right now. 

If you want to try out POPSUGAR's Must Have Box, use code 'SHOP5' for $5 off your first box! 

POPSUGAR sent the Must Have Box in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.