February 28, 2014


Please Do Not Disturb...

I'm busy vacationing here:

-Oh. My. God. If you are going to click one link, make it this one (Or visit their blog, www.fashionbymayhem.com) I sincerely hope that I am a mom to an adorable little girl one day.
-I LOVE all these bedrooms.
-Someone buy me all of these new Ben and Jerry's. Pretty please. With a cherry on top.
-The Big Lebowski is my favorite movie, ever. I wholeheartedly agree with this whole article.
-If someone wants to toss me $9mil so I can move here, that would be nice. Oh, and they can leave the furniture too.

February 25, 2014


Getting to the gym after work can be hard. Sometimes I am too tired, other times I do something silly like forget my socks. For days when I just want to get home, I turn to Youtube for workouts I can do in my apartment. Considering I don't have a lot of space, and I have neighbors under me, here are a few of my favorite videos.

1. Blogilates "Quiet Cardio"
Blogilates is by far my favorite Youtube fitness page. Her videos are really hard, but she is very positive and helps you get through all the difficult moves. This video is only 6 minutes long, so I repeat it three of four times for maximum impact. Pair it with some body specific videos like abs or booty!

2. Tone It Up "Sunkissed Abs"
Tone It Up has a ton of great videos also. They're constantly on the sand in Manhattan Beach and it makes me miss Southern California! This ab video is particular is great. 

3. Tiffany Rothe "Boxer Babe Cardio"
I frequent kickboxing classes at my gym, but all the jumping and kicking are not very conducive to a quiet workout. I prefer my neighbors like me! I love this video because it's all punching so you still get a killer cardio workout without all the jumping.

4. BeFit "Butt Workout 1"
My butt is sore just thinking about this video. It's 11 long minutes of basic butt moves that will leave you sore for days.

5. Cardio Barre "Dancer's Body Workout"
I've been going to the Cardio Barre studio in San Francisco, but when the timing doesn't work for me I do this video at home. You can use a chair or tabletop instead of the barre. Get ready to feel the burn!

February 24, 2014



Dress, New Look $17 - Sweater, J. Crew $228 - Floral Top, New Look $25
Top, Vero Moda $69 - Skirt, Carven $598 - Pants, River Island $58
Heels, Schutz $126 - Clutch, Elie Saab $1,164 - Earrings, Nicole Romano $110 -Necklace, Adina by Adina Reyter $118
Ring, Nasty Gal $15 - Scarf, Express $35 - Tights, Kate Spade $22

February 21, 2014


Spring is here! Until it starts to rain again on Wednesday...

I want fresh flowers in my apartment at all times.

-I bought this Pickwick & Weller tee this week, anxiously watching my mail box for it's arrival

-I'm loving this dress

-Someone make me this lemonade

-It's odd how normal this looks

-How do you feel about the Moschino RTW show? I keep wavering between laughing, being appalled, loving some looks, and being confused

-I love useless facts. I could click this all day.

February 19, 2014


I feel like after nearly a year, I am finally getting settled in to my apartment. I haven't spent much time decorating my room mostly because I'm trying to save money, but also because I don't spend too much time in there. It's a catch 22, I don't spend time there cause it's not decorated, I don't decorate cause I don't spend time there. I think the time has come for me to really make it my own space.

My decor style is all over the map, literally. I get overwhelmed because there are so many styles I like, but what I keep getting drawn to is color with a dash of quirk. Although I would love to overhaul my room and start from scratch, I gotta work with what I've got. Currently, that means a multicolored quilt from Anthropologie and a vintage-y dresser, with a few other knickknacks here and there. I would love to add a bookcase and side table, but more on those later! I'm trying to keep the decor colorful, but chic and feminine. 


Unicorn Hook, Urban Outfitters $18
Candle, Zara Home $36
Curtains, Xhilaration $20
Sheepskin Rug, Ikea $30
Jewelry Box, Anthropologie $22
Basket, Colonial Mills $65
Origami Boat Dish, Urban Outfitters $20
Camel Dish, Magical Thinking $16
Picture Frame, Ikea $5
Candlestick, Urban Outfitters $24
Glass Candle Holder, Urban Outfitters $9
Vase, Ikea $3
Pouf, Threshold $90
Throw Blanket, Threshold $32
Water Color, Yao Cheng Design $15

February 18, 2014


I tend to have product ADD, especially when it comes to beauty products, but I have been loving a few products that have been tried and true over the past month or so.


1. Revlon Color Burst Matte Lip Balm in 'Unapologetic' - Much more of a lipstick than a balm, but I love the fresh, pink, saturated color
2. OPI in 'Pink Before You Leap' - On nails its nearly nude and has plenty of shimmer
3. E.L.F. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder - The blush in this duo gives a slight, natural flush for minimal makeup days
4. Goji Berry and Tea Candle - I like fruity candles, but what I like to call 'fruity chic'. Not anything that smells like an orange creamsicle, but slightly fruity clean smells. This one is wonderful.
5. Mirrored Aviators - I got this pair with white frames and I can't wait to wear them in Hawaii!
6. Spike Cuff - Perfect addition to my arm stacks. I bought mine from a friend but this one is similar
7. Lush 'Oatifix' Mask - It's been doing wonders for my dry skin
7. Lush 'Dream Steam' Toner Tablets - Pop these little babies in warm water and they make a great steam for your face. You can also save the water and use it as toner for a few days after.
8. Cubic Zirconia Studs - They add just a touch of glam to my every day look
9. Wayf Crepe Track Pant - The only thing on my list I have yet to buy.. but they will be mine soon! I am obsessed with soft trousers right now. 

February 14, 2014


Hello Long Weekend.

-I wish this was my Valentine's Dinner
-I saw this TED talk about 6 months ago and it's still resonating
-I need some work in the finance department, here are some easy saving tips
-I love Blogilates, and I especially love this ab video
-This is so unfair.

February 11, 2014


First off, I am so over the rain and cold. I want to wear shorts again. Second, I am also so over statement necklaces and much more into statement earrings instead. Think clusters, not chandeliers.


Sweater, Aritzia $40 - Shorts, Madewell $45 
Purse, Accessorize.com $62 - Earrings, Accessorize.com $20 
Lipstick, NARS 'Schiap' $32 - Mascara, Dior $25

Congratulations Hillary! Keep an eye out on your email :)

February 7, 2014


February has not been my month. My phone got stolen at Outside Lands six months ago, and then yesterday my new phone got stolen. Apparently I'm putting bad vibes out to the universe or something.

This was my favorite food when I lived in Italy. This recipe brought back a lot of wonderful memories that made me simultaneously so happy and so sad.

-This is what San Francisco could look like in 20 years. Pretty crazy huh? A lot of these projects are amidst construction right now.

-I am very passionate about Women's Rights, and this article is a great breakdown of rape culture that is embedded in our society. It's long, but worth the read. And it's surprisingly published on Buzzfeed.

-I think I laughed way too hard at this.

February 5, 2014


Being a 'budget blog' obviously Forever21 makes it's appearances. For me personally, the clothes usually don't fit because the proportions aren't cut for someone who is 5'9. Obviously when you shop there you are not paying for quality and fit, so I can accept that the clothes are not perfectly tailored. I do however love to buy trend jewelry here, and lately I have noticed that their necklaces are so on point. 

Pro Tip: Shop their jewelry online. The online store has a much larger selection, and I find that usually the jewelry in the store is disorganized.


Top Row:
Deco Pendant $7
Coin Fringe $8
Triangle and Leather $8
Fringe $9
Floral Necklace $13
Triangular Pendant $9

Bottom Row:
Geo Bib $9
Turquoise Shield $9
Multicolor Beaded $11
Fringe $11
Turquoise Pendant $8
Horseshoe Charm $4

Don't forget to enter the Valentine's Day Giveaway!

February 4, 2014


I love Valentine's day, single or not I am just a sucker for the holiday. You get pretty decorations and cards, you get to tell people how much you appreciate them, and you get lots of candy. Win-win-win in my book.



Hawaiian, Wave Shoppe $75 - Backpack, Hershel $70 - Boxers, Gap $13
Cap, Adidas $24 - Sunglasses, Asos $13 - Candle, Paddywax $19
Wall Clock, Bobby Berk Home $50 - Bottle Opener, Jayson Home $22
Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox $33 - Book, J. Crew $40
GQ Subscription $15 - Google Chromecast, Amazon $35 - Whiskey Soaked Jerky, Man Ready $16



Bra Set, Only Hearts $48 - Earrings, Kate Spade $58 - Infinity Bracelet, Dogeared $54 - Hair Ties, Emi-Jay $7
Key Ring, Deux Lux $35 - Sunnies, Urban Outfitters $16 - Perfume, Dior $75 - Nail Polish, NYX $18
Measuring Cups, Urban Outfitters $12 - Heart Bowl, West Elm $8 - 'Love Poems', Amazon $9

And flowers, obviously. If you are in SF, check out Bloom That, it's an awesome on-demand flower delivery service that uses all blooms from local growers. They also deliver via bicycle and use recycled burlap for the packaging. I am a big sustainability buff, so I appreciate their sustainable practices in an inherently unsustainable field.

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