August 28, 2014


Happy long weekend everybody! Instead of my usual links, I'm sending you toward all the amazing sales going on. I'll try to update as the weekend goes on.

What I wish my shopping weekend looked like!


To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of happy hours. It feels like a crime against 20-somethings to not want to partake in post work drinks, but every time I'm out at a happy hour I spend too much money, consume unwanted calories, and end up eating crappy take out because I'm hungry and it's too late to cook when I get home. Not to sound like a bore, I just prefer to keep my drinking to the weekend. When I get together with my friends after work, I prefer to suggest something fun that won't leave me feeling bad the next day.

SurfSet Class at Sweat Republic
Image via PureWow

1. Hold a Healthy Potluck - My friends and I have potluck dinners almost weekly. It's nice to be in our own apartments and have plenty of space to chat and catch up instead of sitting in a crowded bar. Last night, I had my friends over and everyone brought their favorite healthy dish.

2. Take a Creative Class - Have you or a friend always wanted to learn how to sew? Or arrange flowers? Or make jam? Try looking up a classes to get your creative fix after work. If you are in San Francisco, check out Workshop SF, they hold all kinds of classes from brewing your own ginger beer, to letter press, to making succulent terrariums.

3. Sweat It Out - I usually hit the gym after work, but happy hour can take up my gym time. Invite your friends to a fun class at the gym, even better if it's a class you haven't tried before. I've had my eye on the SurfSet class at Sweat Republic in SF for awhile now. It's a cardio and toning class that takes place on top of a surfboard that is balanced on three medicine balls. It sounds intimidating to try by myself, so I could use the support of a few friends! Alternatively, look up trampoline parks in your area. I've been to House of Air in San Francisco, and it was so much fun. Plus, the next day my legs were sore.

4. Visit a Museum - A lot of museums have free Tuesday night admission. Check the ones in your area and get a cultural fix after work.

5. Learn From a Lecture - Browse through and find a lecture that suits your interests. In San Francisco, we have so many dedicated to tech, but you can also find lectures and meetings on nearly an topic you can imagine.

6. Try an Urban Hike - If you are a city dweller (especially in our hilly city), take a walk around a neighborhood you don't usually hang out in. It gives you plenty of opportunity to chat with your friends, find new restaurants and stores, and discover pretty views. It's one of my favorite ways to see San Francisco.

Image via Chronicle Books Blog

My point is, you don't have to sacrifice your health and fitness goals for your social life or vice versa. Try something new, have some fun, and push outside your comfort zone.

August 27, 2014


It's pretty obvious that peonies rule the wedding and blog world, but I much prefer dahlias. Dahlias (along with stargazer lilies!) are my favorite flowers and I am so happy they are coming into season now. Dahlias come in a variety of colors, but also a variety of shapes. Some have long fluffy petals, others have petals that curl down and make a spike shape, and some have very short petals that curl up and make a compact little flower. Yesterday, I saw bunches of beautiful, full, fluffy dahlias in a variety of colors at Whole Foods and had to stop myself from buying 10 bunches.

Dahlias that will last longer than a few days:


1. Perfume, Givenchy 'Dahlia Divin' $110
2. Dahlia Necklace, 31 Bits $54
3. Powder, Paul and Joe 'Dahlia' $28
4. Bra, Dita Von Teese $85
5. Candle Holder, CB2 $20 (Also separates in to two holders!)
6. Lipstick, Givenchy 'Rose Dahlia' $36
7. Earrings, Bauble Bar $24
8. Nail Polish, Dolce and Gabbana $25

August 25, 2014


Can someone please explain go me how to have this semi-wavy, messy, cool hair? Am I just not genetically blessed with it? Do I need to spend hours with different products and tools? Because I want it, real bad. And if I did have that awesome hair, I would 100% be rocking a half-up top knot. I tried it recently, looked really silly and reverted back to my usual hair ways. I also think this hair style requires you to be really cool, which may be why it's not working for me. Ha! If only I was so hip.


You know who really does this hair best though? Kylie Jenner. Her hair and makeup is always flawless. Although our styles don't match, she's one of my style/beauty/hair icons.

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August 22, 2014


While everyone seems to be celebrating the beginning of fall (and pumpkin spice lattes arriving early, too soon Starbucks! Too soon.), I am over here mourning the end of summer. My only consolation is that San Francisco has "second summer", as my boyfriend has coined it, aka an Indian Summer. I'm not ready to give in to fall yet! So bring on the ice cream, shorts, and tan skin as long as possible. 

August 21, 2014


Alright, time to get a little nasty on the blog. Typically, by the end of summer my feet are looking pretty harsh. Enter Baby Foot. My mom read about it somewhere and then tried it out, fell in love, and mailed me a box too. Inside the box are two plastic booties that contain a fruit enzyme gel that cause your feet to peel a few days after use. I just finished my first Baby Foot treatment and I have to say, my feet have never been softer. I will spare you the before, during, and after photos (especially the during) cause it looks pretty gross, but if you have a strong stomach then google "Baby Foot Before and After".   It will give you a good idea of what happens to your feet. The tops of your feet don't peel too much, but it gets the bottom of your feet and around your toes really well. All in all, I can't believe how well it got rid of callouses and tough skin on my feet.

Pro Tip: The directions say soak your feet in warm water before and then wear the booties for an hour. I wore my booties for 90 minutes, but apparently 2 hours is the ideal time. You can't really walk around, so make sure you have a few good shows lined up on Netflix. Also, if you soak your feet every day after wearing the booties, it will speed up the peeling process.


August 19, 2014


When it comes to ankle boots, I am extremely picky. depending on where the boot hits on you the ankle, paired with the heel height, they can be very unflattering to your leg. After months of searching last fall, I finally found a pair I really loved. I wore them nearly every day -- to work, to dinner, to drinks, to running around the city. They got a lot of love, and Outside Lands was their last hurrah. Now, I'm on the hunt for a new pair to replace them. After scouring the internet, I found that Piperlime has the best selection at the best range of prices. While I mostly try to keep everything on PGIP under $50, shoes (and shoes that you wear often!) are one thing I believe in spending more on. Typically, you can get away with buying less expensive sandals, but boots are another story. But you still don't have to break the bank! I found 3 great, versatile pairs under $150.


August 15, 2014


August 14, 2014


I usually stay away from designer collaborations. In my opinion, the collaborations with stores such as Target always look great online, but in person just look cheap. Because they are. And that is what you are paying for. However, one collaboration I can definitely get behind is Converse x Missoni. I love the classic white Converse high tops, but when you add in the Missoni patterns and stripes, they are my dream sneakers. 

The black and white pair are definitely my favorite, but I would be so worried to get them dirty! 

I have always loved how Missoni pairs together boring, dull colors (like taupe, I truly hate taupe) with vibrant brights and pastels to make a very chic palette. I would never think to put them all together in one pattern, but hey, that's why I don't work in textiles!

August 13, 2014



1. Hamsa Necklace $6 and Eye Ring $4, Brandy Melville - I have been on the hunt for a hamsa necklace for quite some time, and surprisingly, this cheapie one fit the bill. It's a nice midlength instead of a long, big pendant or short, small one. I figure it will tarnish eventually, but I'm all about it right now! I also love this tiny knuckle ring, I think it looks the eye on top of the pyramid on one dollar bills.
2. Saijo Persimmon Candle, Voluspa $27 - I actually bought this for my sister as a birthday gift, but I plan on buying it for my own apartment as well. It smells so fruity and delicious. I also really love how pretty the tin is. 
3. Espadrilles, J. Crew $30 - I finally got a pair of espadrilles. It took me awhile to decide on a color combination, but this navy and white striped pair seems to pair well with quite a bit in my closet. They are also very comfortable.
4. Bikini, American Eagle $30 - I was surprised at how cute American Eagle bikinis were, and I thought this one was perfect for my East Coast vacation. The ruffle detail is really adorable and the top is more supportive than I expected. 
5. Romper, TopShop $24 - I cannot rave about this romper enough. It is a light linen fabric and has very wide legs, so it looks more like a sundress than a romper. Also, the waist has a small fringe of pompoms that I didn't notice in the online photo. I wore it to the first day of Outside Lands and it was perfect. I can't wait to wear it again!
6. 'Vanity Fairest' and 'Clambake' Polish, Essie $8 each - I have been wearing bright polish on my fingers all summer, but now that I am interviewing for jobs I had to tone it down a bit. Vanity Fairest is a very pretty opalescent pink shade that looks both professional and feminine. Clambake is a great because it has an orange tone and it looks great against tan feet. I would love a lipstick this color too!

August 12, 2014


As I have mentioned before, it feels like redecorating my room is never ending. Up next on the list is picking out new bedding. Unfortunately, I am the most indecisive person on the planet and I just can't settle on bedding.  But I do know that I would love a Moroccan wedding blanket folded on the end of my bed. Moroccan wedding blankets are traditionally woven by a bride and her family and then used throughout her wedding and afterwards. They are symbols of luck and fertility. Given the significance, I think it may be a purchase that would be more meaningful when I actually do tie the knot. Since that is quite awhile away, I don't know if I can wait! I love that they add a bohemian element to a room and go with so many different types of decor. And the texture and beading is just so, so pretty.

After reading up on how to purchase one, I found that if I can't go to Morocco myself, Ebay or Etsy is my best bet. After checking out both those sites, I quickly learned that one of these pretty babies will cost me quite a bit of money.


Has anyone purchased one online? If so, where did you buy it and do you have any tips? I am hesitant to purchase one on Ebay or Etsy that I can't see in person first and that I can't return.

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