August 27, 2014


It's pretty obvious that peonies rule the wedding and blog world, but I much prefer dahlias. Dahlias (along with stargazer lilies!) are my favorite flowers and I am so happy they are coming into season now. Dahlias come in a variety of colors, but also a variety of shapes. Some have long fluffy petals, others have petals that curl down and make a spike shape, and some have very short petals that curl up and make a compact little flower. Yesterday, I saw bunches of beautiful, full, fluffy dahlias in a variety of colors at Whole Foods and had to stop myself from buying 10 bunches.

Dahlias that will last longer than a few days:


1. Perfume, Givenchy 'Dahlia Divin' $110
2. Dahlia Necklace, 31 Bits $54
3. Powder, Paul and Joe 'Dahlia' $28
4. Bra, Dita Von Teese $85
5. Candle Holder, CB2 $20 (Also separates in to two holders!)
6. Lipstick, Givenchy 'Rose Dahlia' $36
7. Earrings, Bauble Bar $24
8. Nail Polish, Dolce and Gabbana $25

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