101 IN 1001

San Francisco
1. Bike the Golden Gate Bridge
2. Try 10 New Restaurants (Waxman's, Little Gem)
3. Try 10 New Coffee Shops
4. Hike Alamere Falls
5. Go to a Shark's Game
6. Go to Bottle Rock
7. Visit the Musee Mecanic
8. Visit the SF Zoo
9. Take a West Marin Cheese Tour
10. Host Friends From Out of Town
11. See a Movie at the Symphony
12. Go to the Church of 8 Wheels
13. Drink Wine Poolside at Frances Ford Coppola Winery

14. Join a Book Club (November 15)
15. Take a Sewing Class
16. Take a Cooking Class
17. Practice Yoga Everyday for One Month
18. Run a 10k
19. Run a(nother) Half Marathon
20. Take a Self Defense Class
21. Eat at Home for One Week
22. Eat Vegan for One Month
23. No Shopping for One Month
24. Buy My First Piece of Art
25. Learn How to Manage My Hair (Ha!)
26. Get my room and closet organized
27. Donate hair to Pantene Pro V Great Lengths
28. Donate Blood
29. Go Indoor Rock climbing
30. Join a wine club
31. Become a member of a museum
32. Host a Dinner Party
33. Try Out to Teach Spin (April 16)
34. Buy a Friend a "Just Because" Gift
35. Put $10 in savings for every goal I finish
36. Finish this list!
37. Cook 10 New Recipes from Pinterest
38. Cook 10 New Recipes from Cookbook (Curry Lime Caulifower May 16)
39. Read 50 New Books (The Glass Castle April 16, The Nest May 16)
40. Play a Round of Golf
41. Try Acupuncture

41. Visit a New State
42. Visit a New Country
43. Take a Sibling Trip
44. Take a Friend Trip (February 16, April 16)
45. Take a Trip with My Significant Other
46. Go Glamping
47. Take a Weekend Trip to Santa Barbara

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