December 30, 2013


Warning: These shoes are not for the faint of heart.

In terms of NYE, I am not one to wear a black dress. Ever. But, I am one to wear a fierce heel. If you are still looking for some shoe inspo for tonight, here are 15 picks under $100 from neutral to wild. I die for every pair on this list, and I think they would make any New Year's outfit that much more fabulous.


Zara $40

ASOS $25
ASOS $25

Guess $100
Freeport $50 

December 29, 2013


I know, I know, every blogger and their mom has or wants a bar cart so I'm a little late to the game. I have been admiring from afar for awhile now, because a bar cart is quite perfect for my 24 year old self. I may not have any bartending skills, but I love to entertain and I could style the shit out of a bar cart. Plus I love fun straws. Me and my roommate decided to do some furniture rearranging so we could fit one in our living room (I pretty  much begged her). So tomorrow I'm adventuring across the Bay Bridge to Ikea to get supplies for an awesome DIY cart. Project details to come!


December 26, 2013


New Year's Eve can be rough on a postgrad. You just finished buying gifts for everyone, and now you have to shell out a bunch of money for a party, and then more money for something to wear. If you are strapped for cash, raid your friends closet and find something cute to wear. If you borrow anything, make sure you dry clean it before returning the clothing! If you don't feel comfortable borrowing something, because like me you will probably spill, then check out my roundup of cute dresses under $100 that will make you stand out on New Year's. 

Obviously I am partial to sequins and bold colors. This is the one night a year you get a chance to wear them, so why not! If you choose to to go with an all black ensemble, add an interesting detail or dress it up with fun shoes. 

And don't forget your 2014 glasses and party poppers!


Top Row: 
Windsor Store $43 - Society of Chic $98 - Bon Prix $49 - Zara $100

Bottom Row:
Fashion Union $57 - Shop Akira $45 - 2b Stores $60 -Forever 21 $33

December 24, 2013


Merry Christmas everyone! I am so sad that I never got a Hanukkah post up, but I've just been so busy it didn't happen. Lucky for me, I celebrate both so I got a second chance.

 I hope everyone has a stylish and safe holiday!


December 8, 2013


Stumped on what to get your guy for the Holidays? I gathered a few gifts that would rock for any guy. Let's be real, who doesn't want camo brogues and a drinking horn?

Men's Gift Guide

Shirt, Bonobos $118 - Sweater, J.Crew$198 - Brogues, Toms $98 - Watch, Diesel $150
Whiskey Stones, Crate and Barrel $20 - Camera, Polaroid $70 - Beer Making Kit, Brooklyn Brew Shop $40 
Drinking Horn, Das Horn $25 - Baseball Bat Bottle Opener, Uncommon Goods $85
Candle, Paddywax $19 - Ski&Snowboard Run Poster, Lifts and Bounds $250

December 2, 2013


Holidays can be a tricky time for a woman on a budget. Especially when you have a big, fabulous group of friends to buy for.

When I buy gifts for friends, I like to DIY, or get something small and cute. A great way to do this is buy things in packs (like the E.L.F. nail polish set below) and break it up into individual gifts. Also, take advantage of 5/$25 deals for things like PJ Shorts or cute undies. Finally, anything miniature is adorable, so keep an eye out for mini versions of any of your favorite products.


1. PJ Shorts and a Mug
Shorts, Forever21 $5.80
Mug DIY here

2. Shot Glasses and a Mini Bottle
Shot Glass, Target $6 (set of 2)
Assorted Mini Bottles, Bevmo
Straws, Williams-Sonoma $5 (box of 20)

3. Nail Polish, Files, and Face Mask
Nail Polish, E.L.F. $10 (set of 14)
Face Mask, Forever21 $1

4.Candles and a Spa Mask 
Candle, Voluspa $9
Spa Mask, Amazon $4

November 29, 2013


I love J. Crew just as much as the next girl. And how could you not? The pieces are preppy with just the right amount of quirk and trend. But like most postgrads, the price tags don't really match my budget. If you are going to invest in some pieces, J. Crew is an excellent place to do it. But for the trendier items, I watch the sale section like a hawk. I have been coveting the camel sweater for so long and I was overjoyed to see it went on sale, and then I went to the store and the sale was an additional 40% off! Major happy dance happened.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but the in store sale at J. Crew is SO MUCH more marked down than online. Really. I got these five pieces below for $130 total. Original prices would have totaled to $504+tax. Online it would have totaled to $266+tax. Literally I got five pieces on sale for the price of one regular priced shirt. Moral of the story is if you like something online that is on sale, call your local J. Crew to see if they have it.

I bet you it will be even less expensive.

Other tips? If you like something but they don't have your size, try it in a size or two in either direction. One shirt I bought was a size 10 and another is a size 6, but they both fit. They can also order your size from another store so keep that in mind. Or buy it bigger and get it tailored! They often also have different styles in the sale section at the store than online. 

J. Crew

Originally: $98.00
Online: $69.99 + 30% off 
In Store: $69.99 + 40% off

Originally: $110.00
Online: $89.99 + 30% off 
In Store: $24.99 + 40% off

Originally: $88.00
Online: $69.99 + 30% off 
In Store: $24.99 + 40% off

Originally: $110.00
Online: $79.99 + 30% off 
In Store: $39.99 + 40% off

Originally: $98.00
Online: $69.99 + 30% off 
In Store: $39.99 + 40% off

November 28, 2013


Image via The Pretty Blog

Happy Thanksgiving Postgrads!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful time celebrating and taking time to be thankful! 

November 26, 2013


The Holidays are a great time to amp up your fitness routine. Not because you are going to eat a lot of food, but because with the time off you have plenty of time to get a run or spin class in without being tired from work. I'm also constantly trying to find affordable, quality fitness gear, because let's be real, even though we all love Lulu, it hurts my wallet to fork over nearly  $100 per piece. But, with the holiday sales coming up there are plenty of good places to get your fitness essentials. Some of my favorite places for activewear are Gapfit, Target, Old Navy, and Victorias Secret. Zella, a Nordstrom brand, is also amazing and they have great sales and deals at Nordstrom Rack. Forever21 also has cute, trendy pieces, but wear them for your low impact workouts, like yoga!

Fitness Essentials

Purple Sports Bra, C9 by Champion $12 - Black Sports Bra, American Eagle $25
 Stripe Sports Bra, Forever 21 $12 - Socks, Forever 21 $1.50
Thick Headband, Gapfit $5 - Double Headband, Zella $10 - Shorts, Zella $15
Sweatpants, H&M $32 - Jacket, American Eagle $50 - Top, C9 by Champion $9 
Bag, Gapfit $50 - Yoga Mat, Gaiam $35 - Water Bottle, Contigo $13

On the topic of Holiday food, let's get one thing straight. You are not going to gain tons of weight from Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you are going to 10 Holiday parties, then sure, be a little more careful about what you eat. But instead of panicking over pumpkin pie, just stick to a clean diet the other days and try to get some exercise in there.

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November 25, 2013


Welcome to the longest post I have written. But bear with me! It's full of great tips. Today we're going to tackle how to pack for the Holidays. I have (luckily!) done quite a bit of traveling in my day, and subsequently have gone from an uninformed overpacker to a travel pro.

First off, lugging around a huge suitcase just sucks. Taking it on public transportation sucks. Getting it in and out of cars sucks. Taking it up and down stairs sucks. Pulling it off the luggage carousel sucks. Dragging it over curbs sucks. Pulling it through crowds sucks. So don't bring one. Learn to pack lightly and carry a small bag, or something like that.

One key is to wear your heavy items on the plane. Seriously, if it's winter you will find me carrying my peacoat and wearing boots on the plane. It saves you SO MUCH space in your suitcase. Besides that, wear your ever day jewelry thats easy to slip off for security. Never forget your sunnies and a big tote that fits your laptop and magazines. I also like to wear jeggings since they are more comfortable than jeans.


Peacoat, Mango $190 - Sweater, H&M $40 - Jeggings, American Eagle $34
Boots, Franco Sarto $159 - Tote, Zara $36 - Aviators, Zero UV $10 - Glasses, Zero UV $3 - Scarf, Topshop $36
Triangle Necklace, Club Manhattan $27 - Initial Necklace, Kate Spade Saturday $30
Stackable Rings, Robert Lee Morris $48 - Nail Ring, Les Pommettes $20 

Like I said, I used to overpack like crazy. I obviously always wanted perfect outfits, and I wanted lots of options so I could dress for my mood. Rookie mistake. Instead, pack versatile pieces that you can mix and match.

My essentials list:

-A leather Jacket
-Utility Jacket
-One Dressy Top
-One Patterned Top (obviously plaid for winter!)
-One Nice Dress

-Boyfriend Jeans
-White, Cream, or Black Skater Skirt

-One Statement Necklace
-One Pair of Tights
-One Clutch
-Three Bangles

-One Pair of Heels
-One Pair of Flats
-One Pair of Ankle Boots (optional)


Leather Jacket, Forever21 $25 - Utility Jacket, Maurices $49 -Boyfriend Jeans, H&M $49
Skater Skirt, River Island $20 -Dress, Fashion Union $41 - Flannel, TideShe $32 - Tank, Miss Selfridge $21
Heels, Daily Look $35 - Ankle Boots, Madden Girl $50 - Flats, ASOS $36 - Tights, Zara $17
Clutch, Forever New $40 - Necklace, 2B Stores $14
Orange Bangle, Kate Spade $32 - Gold Bangle, Bauble Bar $32 - Skull Bracelet, Karma Loop $20

Being in California my list is obviously a bit different than much colder climates, but you can adapt it as you see fit. Pretty much all these pieces can be dressed up or dressed down, which is really important because I never really know what I will be doing at home. The nice dress is also optional, but I have a nice Thanksgiving dinner and an engagement party this break so it was a necessary piece for me.

A few ways to mix and match these...

Day Looks

Night Looks

Are you traveling this Holiday season? Share your packing tips in the comments!

November 18, 2013


I often steal man friends shirts and sweaters (sometimes even his jeans) and wear them to grab coffee on weekend mornings. I am lucky enough to live close enough that I don't usually pack an overnight bag, but sometimes I'm caught without an outfit to wear the next day after hitting the bars. Luckily, I usually have a pair of jeans laying around at his house for when this happens. My tips for making it appear stylish and not walk of shame-y is to pair your boyfriend's oversize sweater with a pair of skinnies and then toss on your sunglasses and a big necklace. 

On the left is a typical outfit I would wear out in SF (plus a jacket!) and the right is how you can transition a few pieces to grab some coffee or run morning errands in your boyfriends sweater.

I usually steal his sweaters anyways so this isn't far off from a normal look for me. Hehe!


Top, H&M $35 - Skirt, Topshop $44
Necklace, Mimi Boutique $45 - Bag, ASOS $45
Booties, Qupid $47 - Lipstick, Topshop 'Inhibition' $16

Sweater, 3.1 Philip Lim for Target $25 - Skinnies, Miss Selfridge $46 -
Necklace, Mimi Boutique $45 - Bag, ASOS $45 -Sunglasses, Quay $38

November 15, 2013


I was so excited for holiday parties, and then realized I'm 24 and the only holiday party I'm going to is Ludachristmas. Guess I'm not growing up any time soon.

Regardless, I still love imagining my beauty looks for when I'm 30 and cool and going to swanky holiday soirees. Here are four looks I'm loving for the holiday season!

Natural and Shimmery

Bold Brows and Lips

Classic Eyes and Red Lips

Voluminous Lashes and Pinky Nude Lips

November 13, 2013


Last weekend for my birthday, the man friend took me to Wayfare Tavern. And holy poop, it was SO good. First off, when you walk in, it looks like a comfy, chic mountain lodge that belongs to the editor of GQ. Super swank, but so comfortable and warm. We had the pleasure of sitting at the chef's table, which is actually a bar that looks into the kitchen. The chefs chatted with us throughout the meal and came out several times to see how our food was. And they sent us some twice baked potatoes, and I love me some potatoes.

Anyways, the food was amazing. Besides the potatoes, we started with mac and cheese, then had fried chicken and steak with a bone marrow bordelaise. Plus a braised wedge salad and the twice baked potatoes. Then we had a apple spiced cake with scorched milk ice cream and cinnamon glass for dessert. And then they give you coffee cake bites.

I had a serious food coma after.

Dining Room

As for what I would wear... I definitely did not dress appropriately when i visited, but I didn't care cause it was my birthday. I had on a pearly leather skater skirt and a beaded top with low heels. Everyone else was pretty much wearing jeans, boots, and sweaters. Except this one weird table of people who looked like they were in Vegas.. anywho. It is the PERFECT place for a cape. Definitely upscale casual, you know what I mean?


Top, J. Crew $65 - Vegan Leather Pants, UNIQLO  $30
Cape, $50 - Faux Fur Collar, Dubarry $29
Ring, Charming Charlie $10 - Purse, Forever21 $25 - Smoking Loafers, Sole Society $60

November 11, 2013


Oxblood has become a staple fall color, and I'm obsessed. It's pretty and rich, and slightly gothic. It also works fantastically as a neutral. You can pile it on with pretty much anything in your fall wardrobe. And the velvet smoking loafers? I die.


T-shirt, Pull and Bear $16
Coats, Cichic $46
Bra, Topshop $36
Smoking Loafers, ASOS $36
Bag, Steve Madden $30
Wallet, Sole Society $30
Ring, Hoss Intropia $45
Earrings, Betsey Johnson $25
Fedora, Miss Selfridge $44
Scarf, Warehouse $35
Lipstick, Laura Mercier $26
Nail polish, Essie $6

November 6, 2013





Fedora, Rag & Bone 175
Tartan Moto, Preen $1871
Tartan Blazer, Moschino $2,212
Boots, Nicholas Kirkwood $1,690

Fedora, H&M $24
Tartan Moto, Hurley $90
Tartan Blazer, Love Ady $76
Boots, Zara $119

October 28, 2013


The fact that track pants are chic now makes my heart sing. At first I was a bit confused on how to style them, but after a bit of research I think I have some good ideas going. Make sure to balance them out with feminine jewelry and cute shoes.



Vest, Lands' End $49 - Shirt, J. Crew Factory $49 - Pants, Stella McCartney $93
Necklace, Alloy $13 - Rings, $10 - Sunglasses, Topshop $32
Bag, MG Collection $30 - Shoes, Oasis $36

Track Pants - Night
Top, Aritzia $85- Pants, Stella McCartney $93 - Jacket, Aeropostale $45
Necklace, Aldo $20 - Ear Cuff, BCBG $24 - Bag, Forever 21 $25 - Shoes, Zara $50

October 21, 2013


The first few years out of college can be a confusing time when it comes to office costumes. Although my costumes are a lot more conservative than my college years, they still aren't exactly office appropriate. Just a tad short for what can be called professional. I guess that's what you call growing up? Anyways, don't be the Debbie Downer who doesn't dress up! Here are three options that are both cute and appropriate, plus they won't break the bank. 

(so retro)

Mortons' Girl
Shirt, Forever 21 $18 - Skirt, American Apparel $42
Tights, Uniqlo $15 - Flats, Sole Society $60
Earrings, Etsy $18 - Umbrella, Target $17

(no fake smiles at the office on the 31st)


Sweater, Uniqlo $20 - Skirt, River Island $16 - Shirt, Merona $23
Tights, Claire's $10 - Brooch, Etsy $28 - Flats, Charlotte Olympia $695

(cause you're cultured and shit)
Dress, Amazon $23 - Headband, ASOS $18 - Shawl, Russian Crafts $40
Earrings, Wet Seal $4 - Shoes, Urban Outfitters $30
Lipstick, Topshop $16 - Eyeliner, Rimmel London $4

Keep an eye out for some DIY costume ideas coming up!

October 15, 2013


I take my pumpkin carving very seriously. And usually, I go for a freaky, scary, intricate design for my pumpkin. This year I think I want to do something alternative to the spooky scary, so I rounded up some inspiration for when my pumpkin goes under the knife.

Bee do, bee do bee do.

Here is the lucky winner I picked out today!
Shirt, Borrowed from the Man Friend $0 - Skirt, American Apparel (old, similar)
Boots, Steve Madden (similar) - Necklace, Flea Market
Bracelets, BCBG/Forever 21 - Sunglasses, Forever 21

October 14, 2013


Someone says fall you think: Leaves Changing, Pumpkin Flavored Everything, and Plaid.

You don't need me to tell you that plaids are huge for fall, and this year they are bigger than ever. The "new neutral", make sure you layer this festive pattern all season long. For plaid beginners, I put together a few looks to get you started on great ways to layer with dresses.

Layering Plaid

Plaid Shirtdress, UNIQLO $40 - Oxblood Sweater Dress, H&M $24
Boots, Unisa $70 - Bag, Mango $35
Ring, Damsel x Gorjana $40 - Necklace, Bauble Bar $38
Lipstick, MAC $15 - Bronzer and Brush, Sonia Kashuk $13
Grey Dress, $29 - Plaid Shirt, L.L. Bean $40
Bow, Ike Behar $33 - Flats, Kurt Geiger $62 - Bag, Topshop $40
Double Ring, River Island $4 - Spike Ring, Forever 21 $3
Eyeshadow Palette, Nars $45

Or, pair plaid and polka dots.
Plaid Bottoms

Black Jacket, $49 - Polka Dot Blouse, J. Crew Factory $35 - Pants, Asos $62
Loafers, Ollio $17 - Clutch, BCBG $88 - Eyeliner, Stila $22
Black Bangle, Aqua $28 - White Bracelet, Humble Chic $34
Chambray, J. Crew Factory $35 - Vest, J. Crew $120 - Skirt, Ruche $33
Booties, Therapy $47 - Tote, Old Navy $37
Necklace, Leopard and Latte $30 - Rings, Topshop $11 (set of 3)

Some bonus plaid that I also love:
Plaid Accessories
Top Row: Crossbody, Sperry Top Sider $45 - Backpack, Aldo $30 - Infinity Scarf, Tildon $38 - Cream Scarf, With Love from CA $17
Center Row: Sunglasses, Ray Ban $165 - Hair Bow, Forever 21 $2 (set of 2) - Belt, Sperry Top Sider $38 - Bracelet, Forever 21 $7
Bottom Row: Boots, Legend $45 - Heels, Asos $45 - Flats, Report $17

Now don't you just want to go pick apples and jump in a pile of leaves?

October 13, 2013


Well, if I have any regular readers out there, you may have notice I took a few weeks of a hiatus from Postgrad. I have been very busy with my new job and trying to get back into shape, so the blog took a bit of a back seat. And to be honest, I just wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with it. It is very time consuming and feels like another job sometimes. Plus, sometimes it's hard to look at the sheer volume of blogs out there and wonder why I think mine is better than the rest, or why someone would choose to bookmark Postgrad over the thousands (maybe millions?) of other great blogs out there. Sometimes I just don't have the time and energy to keep up. 

 But, I do love that I have a creative outlet where I can be completely candid and say whatever the hell I want. And because of that, I won't give up quite yet. I have put so much time into Postgrad over the last year and a half and it really makes me happy. I may post less often, but I hope for any readers out there that you still enjoy what I have to say and show you.

And for those who do stumble across my little corner of the internet, I have to sincerely say thank you so much for taking some time to read my ramblings. I put a lot of heart and soul into this blog, and I don't think it shows how much effort it takes. And I have to truly commend every other blogger out there. Upkeeping a blog is hardwork, and every other blogger I have interacted with has been so supportive and kind. They view each other as women with similar interests, not competition. Which is great, because women should build each other up and not tear each other down. 
It really is an amazing community.