August 30, 2013


It's the second week of Feature Friday! And once again I am so excited to share another daily read with you.

I present, Neato! Bonito

As described by Margaret and Michelle, "Neato! Bonito is about all the things that make you go wow, cool that's neato! (bonito)"

The first thing that ever attracted me to this blog was the name, obviously. And then I started reading the DIYs, and the fashion, and the food... and I was hooked. I love that their DIYs are actually do-able by us less-than-crafty ladies and they always show how to wear it after. You should definitely check out their gold plated metal studded belt DIY here.

 And of course, they dress incredibly well.


and show you how to make delicious food. 

1. What is one thing you think each girl should have in her closet? 
A comfortable black dress that looks great on you.  On days when I'm feeling too lazy to figure out what I want to wear, I can always throw on a black dress and look sleek and sophisticated.  And the comfortable part plays into this as well - lazy days require comfy threads.  

2. What are you currently coveting for your closets?
So much!  Graphic tees, crop tops and high waisted bottoms, casual slip on shoes in a fun print like leopard.  For fall I want to invest in a good pair of black booties, full skirts and chunky cable knit sweaters.

3. How would you describe your style?
This is a tough one - maybe casual cool.  For the most part, I love being comfortable so most of the time I'm in flats with a slouchy classic tee and bottoms.  Given that, I do love a great pair of heels every now and then and love getting dressed up occasionally.  

4. What inspires your DIY's? Any DIY disasters yet?
All of our DIYs come from projects that we're really interested in and want to do for ourselves.  Our inspiration comes from other blogs, street style, the almighty Pinterest and just every day life!  We've had PLENTY of DIY disasters in the past.  I was recently working on some DIY baby onesies that involved using transfer paper.  I messed up the transfers so many times that I had to go back out to buy another pack in the same day!

5. Any advice for someone starting a blog?
Have fun with it!  Being genuine is key, and if what you're posting really reflects you and what you're all about (or are passionate about), you get much more out of the blog versus posting what you think people want to see. 

All in all, just another great blog that is most definitely worth sharing!

August 29, 2013


Even though this weekend technically marks the end of summer, I'm not quite ready to let go of my summer wardrobe. Transitioning a sundress is one of the best ways to keep your summer vibe going through fall. The best and easiest way is adding a cardigan and tights. I prefer a chunkier knit and patterned or textured tights to really give my outfit that fall feeling. From there toss on a pair of boots, or flats, and a structured handbag. Top it off with dainty jewelry that will balance out all of the layers and you are ready for fall!


Dress, French Connection $30 - Sweater, River Island $39 
Booties, Modcloth $50 - Bag, H&M $30 - Tights, Merona $12
Necklace, $20 - Ring, Brandy Melville $3

August 28, 2013



Ring, Forever 21 $5 - Green Key Fob, Alexander McQueen $57 - Square Earrings, NastyGal $18
Blue Bracelet, Max and Chloe $63 - Black Key Fob, Alexander McQueen $85 - Bangle, House of Harlow $58
Silver Necklace, Topshop $37 - Single Strand Necklace, Glam Boutique $22 - Sweater, Zara $50
Pave Earrings, Rachel Roy $26 - Multi-strand Necklace, NastyGal $9 - Single Earring, Tom Binns $162 (pair)

August 26, 2013


Being unemployed can be a huge bummer. For me, it means I am home all day looking for and applying to jobs. Plus, I'm broke so it's hard to go out and enjoy the city. At first this left me wildly unhappy, lonely, and bored. But instead of wallowing, I chose to make the best of it and change my attitude. I learned to love the little things. 

1. Breakfast: I was never a big breakfast eater. When I am working, I typically throw a yogurt or oatmeal packet in my bag to eat at the office and on the weekends I brunch. Now I have the leisure to cook myself a nice, healthy breakfast and enjoy it while reading or watching tv. I also keep striped straws on hand cause they just brighten up my day.

2. Reading on the Roof: I am lucky to have a rooftop in San Francisco. And even luckier when the weather is nice. Reading the Vogue and Glamour on the roof are always relaxing and a perfect break from all the technical talk in job applications.

 3. Cleaning My Room: Much like not being a breakfast eater, I was definitely not a neat-freak either (or really anywhere near it). Whenever I am frustrated or stressed, I clean my room or the kitchen and it immediately makes me feel better. Plus, when my bedroom was dirty I used to avoid it except for sleeping, but now I love spending time there.

What little things do you appreciate?

August 23, 2013


Happy Friday everybody! I am excited to start a new weekly post, Feature Fridays! I am always on the hunt for new blogs that inspire me, so I want to introduce you to some of my favorites. 

For our inaugural Feature Friday post we have Advice From A Twenty Something. Amanda's blog is first on my list of my daily reads every morning. While I love daily fashion diaries, Amanda's blog focuses on advice in all aspects of life: fashion, self, home, careers, etc. She has amazing tips like how to master tucking in a shirt, to how to use a curling iron, to how to style your bedside table. Basically, a girl's guide to being effortless (which I am still trying to get the hang of!). Plus, she has a chic, approachable style that provides me with plenty of inspiration for my own wardrobe.

One example from Mastering the Tuck!

1. What is one thing you think each girl should have in her closet?
A well-fitted moto jacket is a must-have. It's great for dressing up a casual outfit or dressing down a more fancy piece. It's also great for many types of weather, including those in between phases where it's not too hot and not too cold!

2. What are you currently coveting for your closet?
I can't wait to invest in a great fall coat for this upcoming season. Something with mixed materials like leather and tweed would be ideal!

3. How would you describe your style?
I would say my style is classic and simple with a touch of beachy-California inspired pieces. I love simple silhouettes with colors and textures inspired by the ocean.

4. What has been the most rewarding part of blogging?
Getting to explore my creativity in a new medium has really been the most rewarding thing for me. Knowing that there's an art form out there that's still technological and foward-thinking is so inspiring.

5. Any advice for someone starting a blog?
First ask yourself why you are blogging and then make sure to go back to that reason every time you make a decision about your site. It's important to stick to what you believe in and never break from that!

So go visit her blog now! But be warned, you will probably spend the next few hours soaking up every bit of advice she gives.

August 22, 2013


I seriously love a good beauty bargain, but there have also been countless times I bought a drugstore beauty bargain that turned out to be a giant fail. On my regular visits to restock my shower, makeup bag, and medicine cabinet, these are always on my list. 

beauty bargains

1. Wet n Wild Pencil Eye Brow and Liner Pencil, $0.99:  This may just be the best beauty bargain I have ever found. I was very skeptical at first because I have not had luck with other Wet n Wild products and because of the extremely low price. But lo and behold, its a great pencil eyeliner. I have three in my makeup bag right now because I literally buy one everytime I am at the store.

2. Kate Moss for Rimmel London Lipstick, $5: I know I have talked about this lipstick on the blog before, but it really is fantastic. I LOVE the colors, love the texture, and it has pretty good staying power after applied. A+.

3. L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara $9: This mascara makes my lashes look plush, and the packaging looks so sleek in my bag.

4. Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Conditioner $6: I try to buy organic product whenever possible, but often times they don't agree with my skin or hair. Organix is one line that has not failed me yet. All of their haircare smells amazing and makes my hair super soft. 

5. Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser, $7: It has makeup remover in the wash, so my bedtime routine is a cinch! Plus, it leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed, and not dried out.

6. Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish, $4: This line comes with fantastic colors, a great price point, and great texture. One of my favorites!

August 18, 2013


Apparently I have angered the technology Gods recently. First, my hard drive crashed on my laptop and I had to buy a new one. Then, at Outside Lands my phone got stolen right out of my purse. Oddly enough, I kind of enjoy it. It is a little difficult to make plans and now I actually use my watch for its intended purpose, but I find myself caring far less about what's happening on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Candy Crush, Twitter, etc.

So this is what I have decided: Even when my technology is replaced, I will turn everything off for at least one hour a day. 

This means no phone, no laptop, no tv. I will make an exception for my Kindle since that is basically the same as a book. Instead, I am going to read books, put more effort into cooking, spend time with my friends or man-friend, clean my room, run, yoga, craft, write, doodle, everything. Anything. And I am so excited. 

Join me?

August 15, 2013


Foreign Cinema is one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. I am fortunate my wonderful man-friend took me there for our year anniversary, and we stuffed ourselves full of some of the best food I've had. But seriously, oh my god, the food is fantastic. If the food wasn't enough, I love the decor and ambiance too. Inside the restaurant feels like you are in a beautiful home and the outside patio plays old black and white films projected on a wall all night. It's very chic, hip, and oh so Mission. 

Insider tip: Make sure to make reservations early for a spot on the patio.

Lavender baked goat cheese, chicory, strawberry-balsamic compote, toasts
Slow-cooked Berkshire pork belly, crisped with onion jam, plum chutney
Sesame fried chicken, hummus, red Russian kale chiffonade, pluots, spiced honey
Grilled Kobe-style bavette steak, shell beans, roasted poblanos, corn cobettes, mojo verde, ancho butter
Five spice creme brulee with shortbread

The menu does change seasonally, however. But really, just order whatever the waiter tells you. They won't steer you wrong.

Take your pick from the extensive wine list

Foreign Cinema

Top, Uniqlo $13 - Skirt, Beginning Boutique $50
Necklace, $19 - Rings, Asos (set of 3) $30 - Eyeshadow Palette, Sephora $24
Bag, Zara $36 - Boots, H&M $39

Inside during dinner.
Patio during dinner.



Body Suit, Boohoo $24 - Watch, Toywatch $565 - Sneakers, BE&D $185 - Necklace, NastyGal $30
Sweatshirt, Ashish $450 - Bag, Valentino $3,545 - Sunglasses, Ksubi $295 - Espresso Cups, Phoebe Richardson $85

August 13, 2013


 Marc Jacobs Beauty is here! I have been waiting a long time for this, and judging just from what I have seen online, I am not at all disappointed. Amazing lipstick shades, beautiful palettes, vibrant nail polishes, and sleek brushes. Do we expect anything less from the genius?

No, we don't.

August 12, 2013


Since I rejoined the job hunt, I have found that every company I have interviewed with started off with a phone interview. In this day and age, it makes sense. Thanks to the internet they get thousands of job applications for every open position, how else are they supposed to narrow it down? Since I have been through a few myself, I am here to share with you how to phone interview like a pro.

The Day Before:

  • Do your research! This should be obvious for any interview. Read up on the company, your interviewer, and check if they have been in the news recently. Luckily, for the phone interview you can keep all your research on hand
  • Write up bullet notes for typical job interview questions. Be prepared with what you did at previous experiences and how it relates to the job opening
  • Write down what questions you want to ask your interviewer
  • If you live with roommates, make sure you let them know what time your interview is, where you will be during it, and ask them to please keep quiet 

The Morning Of:

  • Get up, get ready, and get dressed as if you were going in for an actual interview. You don't need to put on a full suit, but being physically prepared will make you feel more awake for your interview
  • Look over your notes from the day before a few times
  • Relax. Watch tv or read for a little bit so you feel at ease for the interview

During the Interview:

  • Sit at a desk or a table. Even though you can lay in your bed if you want, sitting up and pretending as if you interviewer was sitting across from you will keep you sounding professional.
  • SMILE! Sometimes I find it difficult to show my personality in phone interviews, but if you are smiling, you are less likely to sound monotonous and boring
  • Keep these open on your computer screen: Your cover letter/resume, the job description, your notes from the night before, and any relevant news articles
After the Interview:
  • Make sure to follow-up with your interviewer within 24 hours. The sooner the better!

August 7, 2013


I cannot explain how excited I am for Outside Lands. Seriously, I have been waiting my entire life to see the Chili Peppers live. Last year, they played in LA when I was in Israel, then played in Israel right when I left. And there are countless other people I am also excited for. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Paul McCartney! Phoenix! WEEEEE!

 Unfortunately, the weather forecast is pretty sad for this weekend, so the goal is to be warm, stylish, and comfortable. In my opinion, the best way to achieve all three is printed skinnies, cool sneakers, and a leather jacket. Throw on a cool necklace and you are ready. By the way, I am dying over this TopShop necklace, I definitely need to get it.

Tee, H&M $11 - Jeans, Nasty Gal $30 - Leather Jacket, Topshop $120
Necklace, TopShop $40 - Rings, Zara $15 (pack of 4)
Bag, Asos $31 - Shoes, Superga $65

August 5, 2013


After a few weeks of teasing us with sunny, warm weather, San Francisco has yet again gotten all foggy and cold. I seriously miss the weather in LA. Anywho, I have had to make plenty of wardrobe adjustments in the last few weeks for the weather.

Enter Boyfriend Jeans, another one of those trends that I loved but had to find the perfect pair for my body. Finally, after a very long search, I found a pair at the Gap that were just right between being fitted and baggy. I seriously can not say enough good things about these jeans, they are soft and comfortable, slightly distressed, and fit amazingly. I saw about 6 other people of all shapes, sizes, and heights in the dressing room with the same pair and everyone looked great in them. But I digress. For the funky weather going on, i love pairing them with a soft, thin sweater, pile on a scarf, and comfy flats (I also could go on and on and on about how much I love these Sam Edelman flats, so squishy and comfortable for navigating the SF hills!).

Scarf, Old Navy ($10 snagged for $3.75 in store!) - Sweater, Brandy Melville (old)
Jeans, Gap ($70) - Flats, Sam Edelman ($90)
Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs (old, bigger version here) - Shades, 106Shades ($9, also seen here)


Boyfriend Jeans

Sweater, Labworks $28 - Jeans, H&M $40
Scarf, Delias $13 - Flats, Nasty Gal $40 - Bag, Forever21 $25
Double Rings, Sole Society $25 (set of 2) - Statement Ring, Gorjana $49
Lipstick, Topshop $16 - Mascara, Topshop $20