August 26, 2013


Being unemployed can be a huge bummer. For me, it means I am home all day looking for and applying to jobs. Plus, I'm broke so it's hard to go out and enjoy the city. At first this left me wildly unhappy, lonely, and bored. But instead of wallowing, I chose to make the best of it and change my attitude. I learned to love the little things. 

1. Breakfast: I was never a big breakfast eater. When I am working, I typically throw a yogurt or oatmeal packet in my bag to eat at the office and on the weekends I brunch. Now I have the leisure to cook myself a nice, healthy breakfast and enjoy it while reading or watching tv. I also keep striped straws on hand cause they just brighten up my day.

2. Reading on the Roof: I am lucky to have a rooftop in San Francisco. And even luckier when the weather is nice. Reading the Vogue and Glamour on the roof are always relaxing and a perfect break from all the technical talk in job applications.

 3. Cleaning My Room: Much like not being a breakfast eater, I was definitely not a neat-freak either (or really anywhere near it). Whenever I am frustrated or stressed, I clean my room or the kitchen and it immediately makes me feel better. Plus, when my bedroom was dirty I used to avoid it except for sleeping, but now I love spending time there.

What little things do you appreciate?

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  1. Appreciating the little things in life is fun in our lives, and sustainable. To focus and stay away from those events.