August 18, 2013


Apparently I have angered the technology Gods recently. First, my hard drive crashed on my laptop and I had to buy a new one. Then, at Outside Lands my phone got stolen right out of my purse. Oddly enough, I kind of enjoy it. It is a little difficult to make plans and now I actually use my watch for its intended purpose, but I find myself caring far less about what's happening on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Candy Crush, Twitter, etc.

So this is what I have decided: Even when my technology is replaced, I will turn everything off for at least one hour a day. 

This means no phone, no laptop, no tv. I will make an exception for my Kindle since that is basically the same as a book. Instead, I am going to read books, put more effort into cooking, spend time with my friends or man-friend, clean my room, run, yoga, craft, write, doodle, everything. Anything. And I am so excited. 

Join me?

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