August 23, 2013


Happy Friday everybody! I am excited to start a new weekly post, Feature Fridays! I am always on the hunt for new blogs that inspire me, so I want to introduce you to some of my favorites. 

For our inaugural Feature Friday post we have Advice From A Twenty Something. Amanda's blog is first on my list of my daily reads every morning. While I love daily fashion diaries, Amanda's blog focuses on advice in all aspects of life: fashion, self, home, careers, etc. She has amazing tips like how to master tucking in a shirt, to how to use a curling iron, to how to style your bedside table. Basically, a girl's guide to being effortless (which I am still trying to get the hang of!). Plus, she has a chic, approachable style that provides me with plenty of inspiration for my own wardrobe.

One example from Mastering the Tuck!

1. What is one thing you think each girl should have in her closet?
A well-fitted moto jacket is a must-have. It's great for dressing up a casual outfit or dressing down a more fancy piece. It's also great for many types of weather, including those in between phases where it's not too hot and not too cold!

2. What are you currently coveting for your closet?
I can't wait to invest in a great fall coat for this upcoming season. Something with mixed materials like leather and tweed would be ideal!

3. How would you describe your style?
I would say my style is classic and simple with a touch of beachy-California inspired pieces. I love simple silhouettes with colors and textures inspired by the ocean.

4. What has been the most rewarding part of blogging?
Getting to explore my creativity in a new medium has really been the most rewarding thing for me. Knowing that there's an art form out there that's still technological and foward-thinking is so inspiring.

5. Any advice for someone starting a blog?
First ask yourself why you are blogging and then make sure to go back to that reason every time you make a decision about your site. It's important to stick to what you believe in and never break from that!

So go visit her blog now! But be warned, you will probably spend the next few hours soaking up every bit of advice she gives.

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  1. I am grateful for the positive learning environment you provided me with.