August 30, 2013


It's the second week of Feature Friday! And once again I am so excited to share another daily read with you.

I present, Neato! Bonito

As described by Margaret and Michelle, "Neato! Bonito is about all the things that make you go wow, cool that's neato! (bonito)"

The first thing that ever attracted me to this blog was the name, obviously. And then I started reading the DIYs, and the fashion, and the food... and I was hooked. I love that their DIYs are actually do-able by us less-than-crafty ladies and they always show how to wear it after. You should definitely check out their gold plated metal studded belt DIY here.

 And of course, they dress incredibly well.


and show you how to make delicious food. 

1. What is one thing you think each girl should have in her closet? 
A comfortable black dress that looks great on you.  On days when I'm feeling too lazy to figure out what I want to wear, I can always throw on a black dress and look sleek and sophisticated.  And the comfortable part plays into this as well - lazy days require comfy threads.  

2. What are you currently coveting for your closets?
So much!  Graphic tees, crop tops and high waisted bottoms, casual slip on shoes in a fun print like leopard.  For fall I want to invest in a good pair of black booties, full skirts and chunky cable knit sweaters.

3. How would you describe your style?
This is a tough one - maybe casual cool.  For the most part, I love being comfortable so most of the time I'm in flats with a slouchy classic tee and bottoms.  Given that, I do love a great pair of heels every now and then and love getting dressed up occasionally.  

4. What inspires your DIY's? Any DIY disasters yet?
All of our DIYs come from projects that we're really interested in and want to do for ourselves.  Our inspiration comes from other blogs, street style, the almighty Pinterest and just every day life!  We've had PLENTY of DIY disasters in the past.  I was recently working on some DIY baby onesies that involved using transfer paper.  I messed up the transfers so many times that I had to go back out to buy another pack in the same day!

5. Any advice for someone starting a blog?
Have fun with it!  Being genuine is key, and if what you're posting really reflects you and what you're all about (or are passionate about), you get much more out of the blog versus posting what you think people want to see. 

All in all, just another great blog that is most definitely worth sharing!


  1. Thank you for featuring us!!! <3

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