December 29, 2012


Happy New Year's everyone!
Be safe and have fun xx


I have begun my 36 hour countdown to my whirlwind New Years Eve in San Francisco with my best friends. I literally am so excited to see everyone I can barely contain it. Packing up mini bottles of Sofia champagne to pop! They even come with straws...


Postgrad Must-haves for flying... no matter how long or short the flight is:

1. Kindle Fire
Ipads are cool and whatever, but Kindles are the shit. Music, Movies, Tv Shows, Books. Everything you need for a flight.

2. Comfy Socks
 I hate wearing shoes on planes, so I like to keep my toes toasty with fuzzy socks. The more ridiculous the better.

3. Dranks
 More than I hate wearing shoes on planes, I hate flying even more. Thank goodness for being 23, a glass of wine always helps me on flights!

4. Magazines
When I don't feel like being intellectual on my Kindle, I load up on these bad boys while wasting time before my flight.

5. Neck Pillow
I really thought that these were the dumbest thing ever, and that you looked dumb with one around your neck. Then I bought one and ohmygod, my life is changed forever. I don't care if I look stupid, I won't travel without one. Also, this company should hire me to model, as I can make excellent awkward faces that would blow this woman's out of the water.

December 27, 2012


Hi Georgina, can I be you?

If you are unfamiliar with Ms. Chapman, get ready. Former rocker and model turned head designer of Marchesa, this woman is a one of my icons. While I have always loved Marchesa gowns, after watching this season of Project Runway All-Stars, my respect for Georgina has grown immensely. On the show, she always has insightful comments about the contestants designs and never puts them down. She points out what doesn't work, what they could have done better, and all in a marvelous English accent. Tonight Bravo aired a special on Marchesa and Georgina, discussing the business and their designs. Keren Craig, the other brilliant half of the label, is a textile designer while Georgina handles the design work. Hand in hand, they create ethereal, detailed, jaw-dropping gowns. Oh, and Georgina is married to Harvey Weinsten, hello power couple!

The detail in the gowns are incredible.

This. I want to get married in this.

Lucky for me, my dad promised he would pay Marchesa to make me a custom wedding gown... HA, what a funny joke. 

India-Inspired Marchesa S/S '13

December 25, 2012


Obviously I couldn't do any holiday shopping without buying a few things for myself... and lucky for me, while at J. Crew they were having 30% off the whole store! I found this pretty pink shirt on sale for $29.99 (Which I was already shocked about, fo real), so at an extra thirty it came to $20. Cue victory dance here. I am obsessed. I am waiting for the perfect occasion to pair it with a black and white strip skirt that I have from The Gap for a cutesy little outfit with Kate Spade inspiration.

Kate Spade Inspired

Top, J Crew $20 - Jacket, Forever 21 $28 - Skirt, Motel $45
Sequin Flats, Asos $32 - Clutch, $46 - Earrings, Nordstrom $48
Chain Link Bracelet, $19 - Spike Bracelet, Asos $14 - Cuff, $5.80

December 21, 2012


So these are DIY..ish. But get creative with your wrapping! The tree doesn't look as pretty when every box underneath is emblazoned with a large store logo or name, trust me I know because my tree only has these underneath. And it takes away from the HUNDREDS, literally hundreds, of Christopher Radko ornaments my mother has collected over the years. Use fun papers to wrap gifts, and personalize them! Music lover? use a music sheet. Food lover? Buy a cookbook at a used book store and use the recipe pages. Or just simple colored string, pretty paper shapes, and fun fonts. Merry wrapping everybody!