November 23, 2014


I started writing this post on Thursday night, and here I am finishing it up on Sunday. Life has been wonderful lately, and this weekend was full of celebrations, time with friends, and time giving to others. I'm completely exhausted, but very fulfilled. The fact that I get to go home and hang out with my family so soon just makes it all that much better. 

November 17, 2014


Fall and Winter are really when I start burning candles frequently. I just feel like it adds to the Fall/Holiday vibe in my apartment. I love all of the woodsy and spicy scents that come out during this season, so I rounded up a few of my favorites.


1. Paddywax Library Collection 'Edgar Allen Poe', $21 - I just bought this one yesterday! It's a mix of cardamon, absinthe, and sandalwood (Sandalwood, who is up to no good!). The sandalwood and cardamon add a nice spicy, woodsy scent but it's not overpowering. 
2. Rewined 'Spiked Cider', $23 -  Rewined candles are all pretty awesome. I like the white wine scents for a lighter, cleaner scent, but the spiked cider smells freaking delicious for when you want to feel cozy.
3. Voluspa 'Cinnamon Ceylon and Copal' $16 - Voluspa has been a long favorite brand of mine and I really love the Holiday Collection this season. I hate cinnamon scents that smell artificial and Big Red-esque, and this Voluspa one smells like real cinnamon. 
4. Illume 'Woodfire', $36 & Matchbook, $5 - I miss the smell of fires burning in the fireplace during the winter, but this candle does a good job of filling in scent-wise. I also LOVE the giant matchbook that Illume makes. It's much more mature than our Ralph's economy size matchbooks, ha!

November 13, 2014


Apple Goat Cheese Tartlettes via My Instagram + My Questionable Food Photography

READING: Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain is probably the first chef I really knew about. Kitchen Confidential is a good mix of personal stories and restaurant inside info.
EATING: Apple and Goat Cheese Tarts - I'm headed to a potluck tonight and was going to make goat cheese and carmelized onion tart, then I found this recipe. I ate all the extra already.
YOUTUBE-ING: People Getting Surprised with Puppies - I begin to question my sanity when I cry about videos of other people getting puppies. They are just so lucky! So much envy.
DRINKING: Saint Germain cocktails - My sister introduced me to the St. Germain cocktail this weekend and it is so good. One part champagne, one part St. Germain, and a twist of lemon or lime.
WATCHING: Whiplash - This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. The acting is spectacular. I was completely engulfed for the entire film.
LISTENING: Banks, Goddess - I saw Banks live at Treasure Island Music Festival and got an instant girl crush. She is talented and so, so stylish. I ordered a blazer cape because of her.
WEARING: Blazer Cape - Said blazer cape, inspired by Banks, for when I'm feeling cool. Or rather, when I'm feeling uncool and want to feel more cool. Ya dig?
AWAITING: The Nutcracker at San Francisco Ballet - I've wanted to see The Nutcracker my whole life, and thanks to a very, very sweet birthday gift, that's happening in December!
FEELING: Grateful - I started a new job recently working with underprivileged young adults. I always try to practice gratitude, and since the start of my new job it has felt especially important.