November 13, 2014


Apple Goat Cheese Tartlettes via My Instagram + My Questionable Food Photography

READING: Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain is probably the first chef I really knew about. Kitchen Confidential is a good mix of personal stories and restaurant inside info.
EATING: Apple and Goat Cheese Tarts - I'm headed to a potluck tonight and was going to make goat cheese and carmelized onion tart, then I found this recipe. I ate all the extra already.
YOUTUBE-ING: People Getting Surprised with Puppies - I begin to question my sanity when I cry about videos of other people getting puppies. They are just so lucky! So much envy.
DRINKING: Saint Germain cocktails - My sister introduced me to the St. Germain cocktail this weekend and it is so good. One part champagne, one part St. Germain, and a twist of lemon or lime.
WATCHING: Whiplash - This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. The acting is spectacular. I was completely engulfed for the entire film.
LISTENING: Banks, Goddess - I saw Banks live at Treasure Island Music Festival and got an instant girl crush. She is talented and so, so stylish. I ordered a blazer cape because of her.
WEARING: Blazer Cape - Said blazer cape, inspired by Banks, for when I'm feeling cool. Or rather, when I'm feeling uncool and want to feel more cool. Ya dig?
AWAITING: The Nutcracker at San Francisco Ballet - I've wanted to see The Nutcracker my whole life, and thanks to a very, very sweet birthday gift, that's happening in December!
FEELING: Grateful - I started a new job recently working with underprivileged young adults. I always try to practice gratitude, and since the start of my new job it has felt especially important.

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