November 17, 2014


Fall and Winter are really when I start burning candles frequently. I just feel like it adds to the Fall/Holiday vibe in my apartment. I love all of the woodsy and spicy scents that come out during this season, so I rounded up a few of my favorites.


1. Paddywax Library Collection 'Edgar Allen Poe', $21 - I just bought this one yesterday! It's a mix of cardamon, absinthe, and sandalwood (Sandalwood, who is up to no good!). The sandalwood and cardamon add a nice spicy, woodsy scent but it's not overpowering. 
2. Rewined 'Spiked Cider', $23 -  Rewined candles are all pretty awesome. I like the white wine scents for a lighter, cleaner scent, but the spiked cider smells freaking delicious for when you want to feel cozy.
3. Voluspa 'Cinnamon Ceylon and Copal' $16 - Voluspa has been a long favorite brand of mine and I really love the Holiday Collection this season. I hate cinnamon scents that smell artificial and Big Red-esque, and this Voluspa one smells like real cinnamon. 
4. Illume 'Woodfire', $36 & Matchbook, $5 - I miss the smell of fires burning in the fireplace during the winter, but this candle does a good job of filling in scent-wise. I also LOVE the giant matchbook that Illume makes. It's much more mature than our Ralph's economy size matchbooks, ha!

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