April 30, 2013


April 24, 2013


I hate grocery shopping, I really do. I would much rather grab dinner somewhere than go through the fuss of walking around a store trying to put together a meal and then taking all the time to cook it. Thank Tebow for Trader Joe's though, it's a miracle store for any girl on a budget and lacking cooking skills (ahem... I fall in this category). I also appreciate that they are pretty focused on health and even if you can buy corndogs, they are still healthier than your average grocery store products. I change things up quite a bit when I grocery shop, but there are a few things I can't leave good old TJ's without.


1. Shrimp Stirfry - Add Soyaki to this. Healthy, light, and super easy to make.
2. Kale Edamame Bistro Salad - I rotate between a lot of their prepared salads, but this is number one on my list right now. Packed with kale, cranberries, nuts, tomatoes and edamame with delicious dressing, absolutely perfect.
3. Brussels Sprouts - I can't stop eating brussels sprouts lately. Toss them in a pan with bacon and maple syrup if you feel like a savory treat! (also... who knew you spelled in brussels?)
4. Chicken & Vegetable Wonton Soup - Super flavorful and tasty, it's perfect to toss in your bag and take to the office for lunch on a cold day
5. Monkey Business Trail Mix - Fuckin Yum. Regular mix of nuts, plus dried bananas and cocoa nibs.
6. Quinoa with Vegetable Melange - Add in Soyaki, an egg, and chicken and its phenomenal, healthy, and filling.
7. Island Soyaki - No Joke, I put this on literally everything. EVERYTHING. chicken, beef, vegetables, shrimp, quinoa, rice, etc. The island flavor has a splash of pineapple juice that makes it a teensy bit better than plain soyaki.
8. Herbs and Spices Popcorn - Ahhhh, I love the texture of popcorn, but usually butter popcorn is meh to me. This popcorn is awesome. It's very well seasoned and makes the best snack. Just make sure to have napkins on hand... or just lick your fingers.
9. Hold the Cone Ice Cream - 70 Calories per mini ice cream! If you have portion control issues like myself, try these out. Unless also like myself you end up eating 3 or 4 cause they are so good.
10. Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Butter and Sage - When I need a little comfort food, this is my go to item. Delicious and buttery, with a stuffing-like texture since it's made of sweet potatoes. Share it with someone else as a side dish to keep your portions under control.

This list could be a hundred items long. 

I Fucking Love Trader Joe's.

April 16, 2013





Dress, Suno $695
Bikini, Mara Hoffman $200
D'orsay Flats, Vince $295

Dress, Forever 21 $23
Dress, Lush $33
Bikini, Target $28
D'orsay Flats, ShoeMint $80


If only internships made you a millionaire, I would have a closet full of Suno. Founded in 2008, it launched it's first Spring Collection in 2009. With its first season produced predominantly in Kenya, and now with production in India, Kenya, Peru, and New York, it is easy to see the cultural influences the designers draw from different countries. The beautiful prints combined with easy, effortless cuts result in a drool-worthy brand. Another thing I love about Suno is the pieces can be styled to fit into any wardrobe. Whether you are more feminine and girly, to hipster or rock and roll, you can seamlessly add Suno into your wardrobe.


April 14, 2013


My family just planned a quick jaunt to La Jolla for my dad's birthday next month! I am crazy excited to lay by the pool and be very Old Hollywood-Glam-Jackie O chic. Hello cat eye glasses and retro print bikini! Also, this bikini is wicked cheap at Target, score. 

1. My must-haves for being in the sun all day include a good sunscreen, leave-in conditioner for my chlorinated locks, and tinted lip balm. 
2. Wedges at the pool are starting to verge on tacky, so why not opt for a flat platform instead?
3. Caftans scream retro beauty by the pool, add these updated cat eyes and a turban for the maximum effect.
Poolside - San Diego

Bikini, Target $28 - Coverup, TopShop $90 
Platform Shoe, Asos $42 - Tote, DSW $25 - Sunglasses, Ray Ban x J.Crew $144
Leave-in Conditioner, Ouidad $21 - Tinted Lip Balm, Tarte $24 - Sunscreen, Philosophy $34

1. Balance out the formality of this pleated maxi with a cotton crop top. But limit the skin to just a sliver!
2. Flat sandals also keep the outfit casual. Again, a flat platform would also work great.
3. Keep the accessories limited. I love to pile on jewelry, but to keep this sophisticated, take off your usual arm party and opt for a statement necklace, ring, and simple clutch.


Crop Top, Topshop $16 - Maxi Skirt, Jovonna London $75
Sandals, Wallis $35 - Clutch, Nasty Gal $39
Necklace, BaubleBar $42 - Ring, Guess $25

April 12, 2013


I have to say, after middle school was over, I don't think I stepped foot in an American Eagle for hmmm... 6 years? Then randomly a friend wanted shorts there in college, and all the girls I was with ended up leaving with something. Although I think my wardrobe is heading in a more mature route, American Eagle has some great summer pieces at crazy affordable prices. Can't beat that, am I right?

Chambray Dress, $40 - Maxi Dress, $49 - Denim Shorts $40
Bikini Top, $40 - Bottoms, $25 - Lace Bra, $30 - Scarf, $20
Sandals, $35 - Backpack, $40 - Earrings, $10 - Sun Hat $20

April 11, 2013


This outfit is basically a representation of how I imagine my own style. It's one part feminine, One part rock and roll, and one part just a little weird. And a punch of bright lipstick. Also my obsessive love of french bulldogs will never end, so obviously I need this phone case... except I'm too clutzy for anything without 56 layers of protection.

Maybe I should just buy a real dog instead?


Button Down, H&M $12 - Vest, Rebecca Taylor $295 - Skirt, JCrew Factory $70
Bag, Zara Shopper $50 - Shoes, Zara $50 - Iphone Case, Marc by Marc Jacobs $48 - Lipstick, Rimmel London $9
Earrings, White House Black Market $24 - Arrow Bangle, Stella&Dot $39 - Stripe Bangle, Kate Spade $48
Watch, Kate Spade $48