October 27, 2014


I'm turning 25 in two weeks (!), and have put off planning any sort of celebration because I have been so busy the last couple months. I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration (obviously) and have a few ideas in mind.

DIY BAR - I like the idea of setting up a bar for everyone to mix their own drinks, but I'm not sure if I should choose one type of drink, or an array. If anyone has successfully set one up, please give me some tips!
Martini Bar via Sunday Suppers

JELLO SHOTS - I found some pretty awesome sophisticated jello shot recipes. You can pour the jello into flexible molds for pretty shapes, who knew?
Fancy Shmancy via Savour

DISPOSABLE CAMERAS - My friends always buy a bunch for big events like Outside Lands. It's really fun to hand them out and let a bunch of people take photos with them. My favorite photos always come from disposables.
Disposable Camera from Urban Outfitters

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