October 8, 2014


My bar cart seems to be in constant rotation of random bottles people bring over, random shotglasses collected from college and travelling, and an assortment of mixers. It was looking a bit cluttered, so I consolidated everything and put out my favorites.

1. SodaStream - I use this thing all the time, besides mixing drinks. I don't drink soda, so it's never in my apartment, but with a soda stream its really easy to make soda water, or add a syrup if someone wants a soda for a mixer (it comes with little syrups to make soda when you buy it). Plus it's just fun to use.
2. Booze - I like to keep a cheapie but good bottle of wine in case of emergencies (lolz). My current favorite is a Rodney Strong chardonnay I picked up on a trip to Sonoma. One of my friends introduced me to Hangar Lime Sodas and I'm hooked. I like to keep a bottle around to whip them up at home. The bottle of Blanton's actually belongs to my boyfriend... but I really like the bottle shape and cap so it lives on my bar cart. I do love a whiskey cocktail though!
3. Small Glasses and Jam Jars - Jam Jars > Mason Jars, that is all. I also love the art deco feel of the CB2 glasses, and they are on sale right now! For ultra, ultra cheap.
4. Cocktail Shaker and Bottle Opener - This is for when I like to feel fancy and/or impress people. This one is a nice clean shape and very reasonably priced. I love CB2 barware if you couldn't tell. While I really enjoy novelty bottle openers, it's just easier to have a bottle opener/wine key combo so I don't have to dig in the kitchen drawers when someone needs either.
5. Flask and Fun Straws - It reads 'May You Never Go To Hell But Always Be On Your Way'. I don't use it too often, but it looks nice and pretty out on the cart. As for the fun straws, I ALWAYS have them. I use them in smoothies, in regular water, in cocktails, always.


Glasses, CB2 $2/each - Cocktail Shaker, CB2 $20 - Jam Jars, Fish's Eddy $2/each
Flask, Izola $27 - Fun Straws, Gracious Home $4 - Corkscrew, Wursthof $16

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