December 29, 2012


I have begun my 36 hour countdown to my whirlwind New Years Eve in San Francisco with my best friends. I literally am so excited to see everyone I can barely contain it. Packing up mini bottles of Sofia champagne to pop! They even come with straws...


Postgrad Must-haves for flying... no matter how long or short the flight is:

1. Kindle Fire
Ipads are cool and whatever, but Kindles are the shit. Music, Movies, Tv Shows, Books. Everything you need for a flight.

2. Comfy Socks
 I hate wearing shoes on planes, so I like to keep my toes toasty with fuzzy socks. The more ridiculous the better.

3. Dranks
 More than I hate wearing shoes on planes, I hate flying even more. Thank goodness for being 23, a glass of wine always helps me on flights!

4. Magazines
When I don't feel like being intellectual on my Kindle, I load up on these bad boys while wasting time before my flight.

5. Neck Pillow
I really thought that these were the dumbest thing ever, and that you looked dumb with one around your neck. Then I bought one and ohmygod, my life is changed forever. I don't care if I look stupid, I won't travel without one. Also, this company should hire me to model, as I can make excellent awkward faces that would blow this woman's out of the water.

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