August 12, 2013


Since I rejoined the job hunt, I have found that every company I have interviewed with started off with a phone interview. In this day and age, it makes sense. Thanks to the internet they get thousands of job applications for every open position, how else are they supposed to narrow it down? Since I have been through a few myself, I am here to share with you how to phone interview like a pro.

The Day Before:

  • Do your research! This should be obvious for any interview. Read up on the company, your interviewer, and check if they have been in the news recently. Luckily, for the phone interview you can keep all your research on hand
  • Write up bullet notes for typical job interview questions. Be prepared with what you did at previous experiences and how it relates to the job opening
  • Write down what questions you want to ask your interviewer
  • If you live with roommates, make sure you let them know what time your interview is, where you will be during it, and ask them to please keep quiet 

The Morning Of:

  • Get up, get ready, and get dressed as if you were going in for an actual interview. You don't need to put on a full suit, but being physically prepared will make you feel more awake for your interview
  • Look over your notes from the day before a few times
  • Relax. Watch tv or read for a little bit so you feel at ease for the interview

During the Interview:

  • Sit at a desk or a table. Even though you can lay in your bed if you want, sitting up and pretending as if you interviewer was sitting across from you will keep you sounding professional.
  • SMILE! Sometimes I find it difficult to show my personality in phone interviews, but if you are smiling, you are less likely to sound monotonous and boring
  • Keep these open on your computer screen: Your cover letter/resume, the job description, your notes from the night before, and any relevant news articles
After the Interview:
  • Make sure to follow-up with your interviewer within 24 hours. The sooner the better!

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