August 14, 2014


I usually stay away from designer collaborations. In my opinion, the collaborations with stores such as Target always look great online, but in person just look cheap. Because they are. And that is what you are paying for. However, one collaboration I can definitely get behind is Converse x Missoni. I love the classic white Converse high tops, but when you add in the Missoni patterns and stripes, they are my dream sneakers. 

The black and white pair are definitely my favorite, but I would be so worried to get them dirty! 

I have always loved how Missoni pairs together boring, dull colors (like taupe, I truly hate taupe) with vibrant brights and pastels to make a very chic palette. I would never think to put them all together in one pattern, but hey, that's why I don't work in textiles!

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