August 21, 2014


Alright, time to get a little nasty on the blog. Typically, by the end of summer my feet are looking pretty harsh. Enter Baby Foot. My mom read about it somewhere and then tried it out, fell in love, and mailed me a box too. Inside the box are two plastic booties that contain a fruit enzyme gel that cause your feet to peel a few days after use. I just finished my first Baby Foot treatment and I have to say, my feet have never been softer. I will spare you the before, during, and after photos (especially the during) cause it looks pretty gross, but if you have a strong stomach then google "Baby Foot Before and After".   It will give you a good idea of what happens to your feet. The tops of your feet don't peel too much, but it gets the bottom of your feet and around your toes really well. All in all, I can't believe how well it got rid of callouses and tough skin on my feet.

Pro Tip: The directions say soak your feet in warm water before and then wear the booties for an hour. I wore my booties for 90 minutes, but apparently 2 hours is the ideal time. You can't really walk around, so make sure you have a few good shows lined up on Netflix. Also, if you soak your feet every day after wearing the booties, it will speed up the peeling process.


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