July 12, 2012


Like many other postgrads, myself and my friends enjoy lazing by the pool, pretending like we are not unemployed and living at our parents house. While this vision usually involves cute cocktails with mini umbrellas, the calorie and sugar content doesn't really mesh with our fitness plans. Instead, we have been making these fruit and yogurt (low-cal!!) smoothies as our breakfast (or technically lunch I guess since we don't wake up until noon...) to accompany us by the pool.

1 Vanilla Yogurt (Trader Joe's or Activia work best)
1 Banana
1 Hand full Raspberries
1 Hand full Blueberries
1 Hand full Strawberries
1 Glass of Ice (Same size glass as your smoothie will be in)
Optional: Protein Powder (A good idea if you are doing any weight training!)

Calories: About 300 (180 with no banana)

 We ran out of bananas this morning, so I omitted it from my smoothie. Still tasted just as good!

Step 1: Combine all the ingredients in a blender

Step 2: Select the Liquify or Puree setting

Voila! delicious, filling, and low cal!

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