July 5, 2012


Now that we tackled fitness tips, it's time to work on the diet. This is always the hardest part for me because I'm a huge foodie and love trying out new restaurants. Plus, I can't keep my hands off bacon (or diet coke. or candy. or In-n-Out.). But, to sustain long term weight loss, the best diet is sticking to lean meats, veggies, and whole grains.

1. Ditch the diet- Soda that is. Even though it has 0 Calories, diet soda hinders your weight loss. So kick the diet soda can, and switch up to water. If your really stuck on soda, try out Hansen's all natural sodas instead, my fave is cherry vanilla.

2. Drink more water- A lot of people confuse thirst with hunger. Drink more water throughout the day to curb your thirst to avoid the mix up. Tip: buy a reusable water bottle and carry it with you EVERYWHERE. You'll be amazed at how much more water you drink when you have it readily available. 
Eco chic hydration
1.Vapur $9.99 - 2. Lululemon $28 - 3. KOR $34.95
4. Nalgene, $11 - 5. BobbleBottle $11 - 6. Sigg, $25
7. Nau $38 - 8. Camelback $14

3. Download a calorie counting app- Calorie counting apps calculate what your daily calorie intake should be to lose weight according to your current height and weight. Plugging every food you eat into the app really makes you realized how easy it is to over eat, especially when snacking. My personal favorite is the LiveStrong app (and you can link it to your livestrong.com profile!) because it tracks calories, how much water you drank, and your exercise for the day. Using this app has really helped me stop making exceptions to eat froyo every night, and I love me some froyo.

A peek at the LiveStrong app

4. Try out new recipes!- Healthy eating doesn't equal boring and bland. There are tons of blogs out there that have healthy tasty recipes. Grab some recipes you want to try, and make them with a friend or a date! Some of my favorite blogs:

5. Treat yourself!- If you go cold turkey, headfirst into dieting your going to crash and most likely end up surrounded by burritos, ice cream, and mac and cheese. Like with exercising, set small goals each day for your diet and once a week indulge in a food you really love. This will help keep you on track with your diet, and give you incentives to be good the rest of the week.

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