July 17, 2012


Dressing for your first interview can be a scary task. After living on the beach in college, I was used to slumming in my cut off shorts and crop tops. Obvi not suitable for the professional world. Too many times have a seen my friends leaving for interviews wearing black skinny jeans, or a top that is too revealing for the professional world. So, here are my tips on how to dress the part to get the part.

1. Buy a Suit - I personally am not a fan of pants suits, so I scoped out Banana Republic and got nice skirt suit on sale. I have worn it to every interview and conference I have been to since. And so have my friends. It's like sisterhood of the traveling suit. And none of this short or 3/4 sleeve blazer nonsense. The boyfriend blazer you wear out is not appropriate in a professional setting.

2 Nothing too tight, too revealing, too see through - This is a mistake I often see in my friends. While to our standards your skirt might be verging on loose, remember that if you are going on an interview you don't want to be wearing anything that requires Hanky Pankys. Same goes for sheer shirts. Even though sheer is in for street wear, if it is at all sheer for your professional wardrobe, put a cami on under it. Lastly, do not wear anything that shows off too much chest area, another mistake I see a lot of my friends make. The neckline should be VERY MODEST. If you are unsure about a top, put it on and bend over in the mirror, any bra? Don't wear it.

3. Shoes - Low to mid heels or flats in neutral colors. Avoid wedges or anything too trendy. Banana Republic and J Crew are excellent places to find appropriate shoes. Don't rock the platform pumps that you wore clubbing last weekend. Also important, make sure they are clean and not scuffed up.

4. Bags - A briefcase is obviously the best option, but not many postgrads own one. Instead, use a bag that has a shape similar to a briefcase that you can easily put paper or a folder in. Again, neutral colors and nothing too trendy. 

5. Accessories - In the accessories, make sure they are classic and understated. Smaller pieces are generally more appropriate, but bigger accessories, such as the necklace pictured, are appropriate as long as they are not too distracting.  Tip: If you wear a watch, make sure you don't glance down at it during the interview, it will make you seem uninterested.

Finally, bring your resume! hopefully you know this already, but if you don't, MAKE SURE YOU BRING ONE. A leather portfolio with a notepad is also a good thing to bring as well. Good luck on those interviews! 

Jersey Blazer, Mango $70 - Lace Stripe Shell, JCrew $35 - Pencil Skirt, JCrew $70
Shoes, Banana Republic, $128 - Briefcase, Dooney & Bourke $525
Necklace, Banana Republic $45 - Earrings, Zales $109 - Watch, Kate Spade $225

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