February 7, 2013


I hope that everyone has been keeping up with their New Year's resolutions! and if yours was to get in shape, this post is for you. I've kicked my fitness routine up quite a few notches recently, so I have even more tips to share.

1. Get Off The Elliptical - My brother told me if I want to lose weight, I need to get off the elliptical and on to the treadmill. But they are better for your joints I said, I have bad knees I said. True, I have struggled with minor knee injuries here and there, but in reality, I was terrified of the treadmill. The first time on was miserable, I had to walk every 10 minutes and barely went faster than a jog when I wasn't walking. But it got easier, and low and behold, I have lost 7 pounds this month from switching from the elliptical to the treadmill. So get on it, you will feel so accomplished after.

2. Keep Buying Cute Workout Gear! - Every time I get new gym clothes, I feel like I have to work out immediately. I just got really cute pants from Victorias Secret VSX line, and I was very surprised at how quickly they became my favorites for the gym. 

 Zella 'Sophia' Space Dye Jacket, $65.66

VSX Knockout Crop, $59.50

3. Don't Use 'Sore' As An Excuse - Sore muscles comes from a build up of lactic acid. How do you get rid of lactic acid? Exercise. If you are sore from the day before, Good Job! You're doing it right, but don't use that as an excuse not to work out.
Note: It is very important to know the difference between being sore and hurting yourself. If your pain goes beyond normal muscle soreness, or is in a joint like your knee, make sure you take some time off and get it checked out.

4. Measure in Non Scale Victories - Yes we can all agree that it feels really damn good to see the number on the scale drop, but there are other ways to measure your success to. Today I wore jeans that we're always uncomfortably tight on me, and they were loose. As I said before, I could barely run on the treadmill before, now I can go 30 minutes no break. I CAN SIDE PLANK! something I never thought I could do. It feels amazing to notice my body getting stronger.

5. You Already Have Your Dream Body -  You just need to shape it. Here are the facts, I will never have the same body as Heidi Klum, and that is okay with me. I won't ever have a thigh gap, and that is okay with me. I will never have a cute, tiny butt, and that is okay with me. My dream body is the best version of the body that I have. That means I will be long, lean, and strong. That does not mean I will try to attain something I was not built for. Accept your body and love what it gives you every day. If you can't be happy in your own skin, it won't matter how much weight you ever lose, because that won't make you happy.

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