January 1, 2014


Happy New Year Everybody!

I am not one to make resolutions. I believe that if you want to improve yourself, then you should start today. Well, today is the first so that's just coincidence, but if you decide to make a life change in July, go for it then! Instead I like to set goals and accomplishments for my upcoming year. Too often resolutions are so vague like "lose weight", "smoke less", etc. Set a hard goal instead. You want to work out and lose weight in the upcoming year? Set a goal to lose x amount of pounds by x date. See? Much better than vague resolutions.

1. Get a permanent job - My current job is a contract position, so the goal is to secure a long term, permanent job once my contract expires.

2. Travel Twice - I already have a trip planned to Hawaii in March (!!!!) and I want to get one more trip in by the end of 2014. My heart and soul ache for me to get out and see the world, and hopefully I will have the dolla dolla bills to do more of it. Traveling is what makes me most happy in life. 

3. Build My Savings Account to (x) Amount of Dollars by September - The specific amount is my business :) but I am going to start putting money away where I can't touch it instead of buying shoes. sigh. It's time for me to transition into adulthood and be responsible. Or at least try! 

4. Take a Sewing Class in February - Something that I have always wanted to learn and I am determined to make it happen!

That's it for now! 

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