February 24, 2016


How is everyone's 2016 fitness goals going? Still sticking to your New Year's Resolution? I've dialed back the intensity, but I have been very consistent with my workouts for the last two-ish months. With Spring weather already here and daylights savings around the corner, I am looking forward to getting back outside to work out. With that, I have had my eye on some new gear as well.


1. Electrolyte Tablets, NUUN $6-- Add these electrolyte loaded tablets to your water to help with dehydration. Essential if you are a long distance runner.
2. Hat, Patagonia $35 -- I just bought this hat for my boyfriend, but I am already planning on borrowing it for hikes and kayaking. The color combo is so fun.
3. Crops, Alo Yoga $36 -- My fitness closet is lacking some fun, bright colored crops so I've got my eye on this pair. I've heard great things about Alo and this pair is on fantastic sale.
4. Sports Bra, Forever 21 $15 -- I just snagged this sports bra last weekend, and so far I am really liking it. However, if you need a lot of support, this probably isn't the bra for you.
5. Yoga Towel, Good Karma Zone $13 -- I also just got a yoga towel to help with sliding during class. So far this one is working well and is very budget friendly.
6. Hair Ties, L. Erickson $12 -- My thick hair does not like to stay put while working out. After reading the reviews on these hair ties, I am going to give them a shot, although they are pricey. I am hoping that they are the answer to my hair-prayers.
7 Daypack, REI $20 - I can't wait to get out for more hikes this season. This day pack carries all the necessities and is compatible with reservoirs, so you can easily stay hydrated.

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