September 5, 2013


Happy Friday everyone! 

It's time for another Feature Friday, and this week I want to share one of my favorite blogs and etsy shops with you. After finding her Instagram, I was so in love with all of the prints and decor she makes. And they are so affordable! I checked out the shop and immediately bought a "C" in pinky goldy brush-stroke print for my room.

Let me introduce you to Pearls and Pastries Etsy Shop. And her blog cause it's awesome too.

First off, let's talk shop. Everything in her shop is so perfectly feminine and prints fit right in to any gallery wall in a home or office. She has garlands, confetti, and dishes for a charming birthday party, brunch, or bridal shower. I could own one of everything and still need more. Plus, she sends a cute little packet of glitter and confetti for you to "throw on a good day" when she mails the purchase. Touches like that make me a loyal customer.

About the blog, it's so great. She has practical advice on organization and being a working woman woven in with posts that recommend other great Etsy shops. 

 I die for the hangers above, and for the gold dotted ceramics.

And these are just a few prints, they are all so cute!

Oh! and I have these! 

(the lobster print is on it's way!)

I highly suggest you head to her blog and get educated on cute custom gift wrapping and power sheets.

1. What inspired you to start your Etsy store? What continues to inspire new projects?
I started filling my Etsy shop with things that make my days a bit brighter; hoping that in turn it would brighten yours also! I love the little extras in life whether its the beautiful confetti sitting in a bowl on my desk or hanging a new dress on a stunning gold sequin hanger.. Each time I walk past all of the little treasures featured in my shops, it puts a smile on my face!
2. What is your favorite print or item from your shop? 
My favorite Item from my shop is the gold sequin hanger.
3. How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is classic. I love black dresses! I have an obsession with J. Crew collard button ups, leopard flats, and hair bows. I like to wear neutrals and add pops of color through accessories
4. What is your dream item for your closet? and for your home?

My dream item for my closet would be This Reed Krakoff Bag. I have been eyeing this bag forever! It is perfection! Simple, classic, yet structured.
For my home I really want a wall of bookshelves! I absolutely love how you can style them! Plus you get to display your favorite reads.

5.  Any tips for decorating your first apartment or home?
I think when it comes to decorating your  first home/apartment there are no rules! Do everything you want! Through trial and error you will find what works for you. I cant even begin to tell you the times I have painted walls in our home "thinking this was THE color" and turns out it was everything but the color we wanted. You home should express you! Therefor there are no rules.

Because I love her prints so much, I am giving one away to one lucky reader! The winner can choose any print in her Etsy shop. Enter below.

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! I've been dying the "Lipstick Makes Me Happy" print! So cute! xoxo

  2. Great giveaway! :) I love the ever thine ever mine ever ours print!