September 16, 2013


Story time! I was wondering the aisles of Trader Joe's on an afternoon of a busy day. I was broke, in a hurry, and suddenly remembered I was out of conditioner at home. For me, this is horrid; I have very long, very thick hair so without conditioner I can't even brush it. I passed by the toilet paper and tissue section in Trader's and realized they had shampoo and conditioner. WHAT. How was I unaware? It was only $2.99 and I was in a panic, so I said Fuck It and gave it a go. And holey moley what a freaking surprise I had post-shower. My hair has not felt this soft in years. Seriously. What is this witch craft?

I now mourn how much money was wasted on trying out all kinds of conditioner, from drugstore to designer (? is that what it's called?).

Photo via Joe's Treats Tumblr

I would like to point out that I read other reviews online, because I felt like I got left out of a big secret. But a lot of reviewers on the internet are not a fan. I say just try it, because at worst you lost $3. At best, you just found an awesome conditioner at a very slim fraction of the price of other drugstore brands.

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