September 10, 2013


Okay, so it has been quite awhile since we tackled this subject. I feel like every time I write about it, it's because I stopped exercising and then found some inspiration again. Which is precisely what happened recently. Moving to SF meant less time to work out, cold weather that stopped me from running, and excessive eating and drinking every weekend. But once again, I am making an effort to change all of that and improve my health. I am a few weeks into getting back to my fitness habits, and it feels damn good. If you are in need of a little advice or a kick in the butt, read on.

1. Invest in a Fitbit (or Nike Fuel Band, or Jawbone UP) - I got a Fitbit about a week ago and I can't say enough great things. since strapping it on my wrist, I have been more inclined to walk to work and get to the gym in the evenings. Seeing how sedentary your lifestyle is can be an eye opening experience. Even if some days I don't go hard in the paint at the gym, I still try to hit my daily step goal. Oh, and it tracks your food and gives you real time adjustments to your calorie intake. OH! and it tracks your sleep, which has helped me figure out what behavior gives me a better night in bed.

My Fitbit dashboard for the day

2. Still don't count calories - I know I have posted about this before, but I just want to reiterate. Counting calories can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food, and make you feel guilty for indulging in something delicious. So don't do it. I sort of track my calories in my Fitbit just so I have a good idea of whether I am overeating in general, but I never put in my food that I know is high in calories because fuck it. I want cake, I'm going to eat cake. Just follow the 80/20 rule, eat healthy 80% of the time, and eat what you want the other 20%.

3. Put on your gym clothes - I pack my gym clothes in my work bag so I have no excuse to skip after. On the weekends when I'm feeling lazy, I put them on and start walking, then start jogging, then hopefully run a bit and tackle a hill. Any workout is better than no workout!

4. Tell people you are going to work out - When I make plans for the day, I always mention to the person I am going on a run, even if it doesn't interfere with us hanging out. For whatever reason, if I skip my run after telling a friend, I feel guilty. It holds you accountable.

5. Keep an exercise log somewhere that is visible every day - I have a check list of each day of the month next to my door. If I work out that day, I check the box. This way, I have a visual of when I go too long without the gym. I also keep a check box for my squat challenge, so I don't forget to work out my booty either.

These are on my wall. Daily reminders everybody!

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