January 4, 2016


Links coming at you a little late due to the long weekend and the holiday. How was your long weekend? I am trying to kick a cold that just keeps lingering, so mine was full of resting, wholesome foods, and a little sweat.

While I find the idea of New Year's resolutions a bit stale, I do like to take the time to set goals for myself for the upcoming year. I try to keep this in mind year round, but there is something reassuring of the closing of one chapter and the opening of another. 2015 was not a great year for me, and I am welcoming 2016 with wide open arms.

One thing I am trying for this year is to take a photo of something that makes me feel grateful every day. I have been making an effort to practice more gratitude, and I feel that keeping a literal photo album of it will be a good reminders on the low days. I will check in on PGIP if anyone is interested in how it goes!

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