January 20, 2016


Since reading Eating Animals (more on that in
the February book club post!), I have made a conscious decision to cut meat out of my diet. While I try to buy "responsibly raised, cage free, hormone free, vegetarian fed" etc etc, I learned that all of those terms basically mean nothing. While I don't picture myself cutting meat out of my life 100% at this point, I don't intend on cooking meat at home any time soon. I already have a few veggie meals in my regular rotation, but here are a few more I want to try.

If you want to cut meat out of your diet here are a few useful tips:
  • Focus on what you CAN eat rather than what you can't. Look for vegetable forward recipes on Pinterest.
  • Don't substitute carbs for meat. It's easy to rely on pasta and bread to fill you up, but make sure to keep carbs in moderation!
  • Eat more beans! Beans are a great source of protein and SO filling. Now a days, I rarely have a meal without black beans, chickpeas, or Great Northern Beans added in somewhere.
  • Find good faux meat. I am not a huge fan of fake meat stand ins, however, I do love quinoa burger patties, Jackfruit carnitas, and Soyrizo. Find what works for you, and don't feel like you need to eat it just to have some "meaty" component of your meal. 


  1. This is my copyrighted photo. Please give me credit or take it down. Beth Galton, www.bethgalton.com