January 27, 2016


Let's be real, Valentine's Day in a relationship is just not that exciting. While I think it's a great occasion to celebrate your relationship, it's a pain to get dinner reservations, then pay a ton for a special Valentine's menu, etc. etc. Each year, I am much more excited to put together gifts and goodies for my Galentine's! Let's be real, girls appreciate all the cute stuff wayyyyy more anyways. 


1. Chocolate Dipped Treats - An easy and wallet friendly DIY! 
2. C'est La Vie Makeup Bag, Forever21 $6 -- A good mantra on a cuter bag.
3. Wine Tote, Plate and Pencil $19 -- I always love a good pun, and this bag is perfect to use year round. 
4. Key Tag, $15 -- Truth. Tacos > Everything.
5. Sheet Mask, TonyMoly $4 -- I love these sheet masks, and they are incredibly inexpensive. I always throw them into gifts as fun extras.
6. Mini Champagne, Sofia Coppola $5 -- Perfect for raising a toast to your Galentine's.
6. Nail Polish, Essie $8 -- Essie has every shade of pink and red under the sun, pick a different one for each friend!
7. Candy Bento, Sugarfina $7 -- My favorite are the champagne gummy bears.
8. Love Potion Tumbler, Ban.Do $13 -- I'm snagging this one for myself! 
9. Besties Temporary Tattoo, Tattly $5 -- The updated friendship necklace.

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