January 29, 2016


Have you been watching Top Chef on Bravo? It's the only show I'm really in to right now, and so far this season has been awesome. The caliber of chefs the show attracts really blows my mind. Recently, I found an old Food and Wine Magazine from 2010, and was surprised to see one of the contestants of Top Chef on the cover as a "Best New Chef". I read his profile, and he even mentioned how much he likes the show. Who would have known that six years later he would be competing! 

Anyways, since Top Chef is on Thursdays, I'm usually watching it while putting together my Friday links post. Hence why it's on my mind right now :). Part of what I love about the show is watching the chefs' creativity with food. I love cooking, but I am neither great nor creative with the dishes I make. The show really makes me want to pursue some creative passions.

So hey, inspiration can really come from anywhere. Even reality TV.

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