October 28, 2012


Since I went to college where we didn't get much rain, the day a single drop fell from the sky every girl was overwhelmed with excitement to pull her rain boots out of her closet. Shit got cray. There was explosions of crazy patterns and colors on every girls foot on campus. I have to admit to sporting some candy-colored-striped-sweater-printed boots until I traded them in for classic black Hunters. Those crazy print rain boots are fun, but not very appropriate in the grown-up world. Not to say you can't have fun with your footwear! But to stay chic in this cold, wet weather (especially those of you who are getting hit by Hurricane Sandy!), take a look at the sleek styles below.

Chic rainboots

1. Target $35 - 2. BootsiTootsi $45 - 3. Duck Head $30 - 4. Sporto $70 - 5. Dizzy $39 
6. Mel by Melissa $55 - 7. Lauren by Ralph Lauren $75 8. Target $35

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