October 15, 2012


I've never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's. There. I said it. I know this is a crime against humanity, a sin, even an abomination if you please. Everyone knows the iconic black dress and glasses, but here is my list of my top 10 favorite fashion in movies.

1. Clueless
From Cher Horowitz's white Fred Segal shirt, to her Calvin Klein dress, to her red satin shoes, to the alaia, the girl knew how to dress. Also, you can't forget the exercise onesie spandex plaidish thing. I, just like every single other girl on the planet, would have given anything for a closet that matched outfits for me.  

2. Sex & The City
This goes without saying.  Patricia Field, the wardrobe stylist for the movies and show, expertly puts together outfits that makes all four ladies look endlessly stylish. I'm always impressed that they pull things off that absolutely no one else could.

3. Legally Blonde
Like many other movies on this list, the wardrobe is just so ridiculous but still amazing. From tie-dye wrap dresses, to aqua sequin dresses, to the amazing newspaper print blazer, this movie just keeps giving.

4. Mean Girls
 I still remember watching this movie when it came out and thinking it was the epitome of fashion. And at the time, it was. It will always have a soft spot in my heart for making me want to wear slutty school girl inspired skirts, too much lip gloss, and pink on Wednesdays.
"On Wednesdays we wear pink"

5. A Single Man
Tom Ford directed this movie, so it comes as no surprise that all of the men are dressed impeccably. A well fitted suit can really do a lot for a guy! Julianne Moore also just looks so spectacular. I love her.
6. Almost Famous
I love the clothes from this era and take from it to influence my own wardrobe. Penny Lane's outfits just make me cry every time because I was born a few decades too late. I want literally EVERYTHING that she wears. Fur vests, aviators, bell bottoms, get at me.

7. Crazy Stupid Love
A nod to Emma Stone, but Ryan Gosling HOLEY MOLEY. If ever was my perfect man (wardrobe wise) this would be it. Again with suits fitted to perfection, plus he can pull off a man-necklace. and henley. and vest. and abs. you get it. 


8. (500) Days of Summer
I imagine that this is how Zooey Deschenel actually dresses in real life. Which is pretty awesome. It's so sweet and vintage but she always looks so put together. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks like a cute little hipster man too. But they should have given him a fixie.

9. Black Swan
With Rodarte designing, you can't go wrong. I just can't.
I wish I had a better picture! This dress is crazy amazing.

10. Bad Teacher
Probably not counted on many other lists of fashion icon movies, but Cameron Diaz looks flawless throughout the entire movies. Wearing Louboutins the whole time. Obvi.


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