October 29, 2012


Earcuffs are next on my list of things I want to pull off. I love that they are add just a little something unexpected to an outfit. My tip when flaunting them, only wear one at a time. A cuff on each ear is a little cray cray. But the fun thing is, they can be fierce, they can be dainty, they can be simple, they can be any style! And they always make you look really freaking cool.

Dainty and feminine for the girly girl
Etsy, $7.00

Goes in your hair too! Pretty!
Asos, $10.55

Bad. Ass. 
 Nasty Gal, $15

Hangs behind your ear and peeks through your hair, also pretty!
Nasty Gal, $10

Earthy, modern, and no piercings necessary!
Mr. Kate, $39

I really can't wait to buy one. Think I need to make a trip to the Fairfax Fleamarket soon...
So many hipsters.

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