October 2, 2012


Emma Stone is a red carpet cameleon. Every time I see her, I'm stunned by the fact that she pulls off a completely different look than she has before. She is always dressed very fashion forward, but still beautiful. Plus, her hair and makeup is IMPECCABLE. Every single time. 

Every. Single. Time.

Spiderman Paris Premiere
I die for this look. It's very gothic and still elegant and beautiful.

Golden Globe Awards
Again, she looks so stunning, even in a simple gown. The barely-there makeup and simple updo are a perfect compliment to this gown.

2011 MTV Movie Awards 
Such a sweet and demure look, then BAM! she hits you with those eyes. What a freaking fabulous dress though.

UK Premiere of The Help 
I don't think many other people could pull this dress off. And I love polka dots.

I hadn't even seen this look until five minutes ago. Probably my favorite blonde moment she has had, especially with the fuschia/mauve lipstick.

Golden Globe Awards
I have no idea why, but this gown reminds me of The Hunger Games. That being said, I love it.
Met Gala
Such a fun and unexpected look. I wish more celebrities would be playful with their red carpet looks!

Besides pulling off a gorgeous gown, Emma also knows how to rock a serious pant suit. Don't believe me? See the evidence for yourself:

People's Choice Awards
A little bit of menswear! I love the chain on the jacket and the tuxedo pant.

Spiderman Premiere
The definition of chic. Oh my god. I don't even have words.

Well, Emma Stone, if you ever read this, my obsession is quite apparent and I hope you find it flattering and not ridiculously creepy (because it is). Such a beautiful woman with incredible style.

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